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Avoid Getting Banned by Google

SEO company India provides proper white hat SEO services. The unethical black hat SEO services are avoided. Both on page SEO and off page SEO are offered by the SEO India companies. Off page SEO  provide external support to a website by providing links from various well known websites. On page SEO involves the insertion of search engine friendly keywords into the content. SEO means search engine optimization. SEO services are very important because such services enhance the traffic, online visibility and search engine rankings of websites.

SEO company India offers white hat SEO  in which well researched, relevant and search engine friendly keywords are inserted in right amounts throughout the content without disturbing the natural flow of writing. Here the keywords are related to the topics and subject matter of the web content and the content is informative and of good quality. Unethical black hat techniques such as over stuffing of keywords, unnecessary and excessive linking, hidden texts and links, spamming etc should be avoided. Google and various other search engines ban the websites using improper, unethical black hat SEO. Websites using over-optimization techniques get banned by Google and various other search engines. SEO India companies offer high quality white hat SEO services to their clients.

Black hat SEO techniques:

Over stuffing of keywords This technique is used for over optimizing websites by overstuffing the keywords and repeating
phrases within the website content. Such overstuffed keywords are often unrelated to the website content and disturb the flow of writing. Overstuffing of keywords and phrases damages the quality of website content. The informative and interesting nature of website content is lost due to overstuffing of keywords. Google and other search engines ban the websites using such corrupt techniques for enhancing search engine rankings.

Hidden texts Websites often place keywords in the white background in white text to attract search engines. The excess keywords are unethically used and remain hidden or invisible within the white background.

Cloaking This is a worse form of black hat SEO service. In this case a page is created with over stuffing of various keywords and links solely for attracting the search engine crawlers. But a different page is shown to the site-visitors and users. Here the actual pages shown to the users are kept cloaked by the help of over-optimized pages.

Link farming Websites should not be linked to link farms. Excessive outbound links should not be placed in a single page. If numerous links are to be placed they should be placed in separate pages. Excessive cross linking of similar sites should be avoided.

Identical content Websites copying and using content from other websites are identified quickly by the search engines. Websites using duplicate content get banned by the search engines and the original website is retained.

Blog comment spamming Commenting on various blogs using keywords as names and randomly posting numerous unnecessary blog posts is a worse kind of spamming. This technique tarnishes the spammer’s reputation and does not help in the long run. The websites indulging in spamming get banned by the search engines.


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  1. Great tips, thanks was very useful. I never knew that was how hidden text was done, always assumed it was done using html code.

  2. SEO is in for a shake up. building links phased out? doubt it

  3. If one website copy the content of another website then website using duplicated content get banned by the search engines .A website can also be banned if it uses its keywords in place of its name and if it contain numerous external links.

    Thanks,for such valuable tips.

  4. Thank you for sharing the great tips for avoiding to get banned by Google.
    A clear idea of how CTR(Click Through Rate) works will be an added advantage in this case.If the number of clicks for each page view is too high then Google will treat the website as a suspicious one and this can get you banned.

    Thanks again

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