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Advantages of using SEO Services except Search Engine Rankings

Whenever we go online for some information related to online marketing, we see debates related to the utility of SEO. Many people say that with Google becoming extremely strict, SEO services are nothing but a complete waste of money and time. However, some people say that more services from a good SEO company are all you need to get results.

Is SEO actually dead?

SEO being dead or alive depends on your perspective. If, to you, SEO means paying a fixed amount of money to get some generic services like writing articles and posting each in hundreds of submission sites, no doubt the concept can be called dead. With recent updates in the policies of Google, the search engine giant has become quite strict about healthy links and the ones that do not fall under their Quality Guidelines. What was once staples behind the entire principle has become obsolete and worth of being penalized by Google. In fact, those very things were the very source of getting high rankings just about a year ago, but not anymore.

However, that is no reason to think that the future of this industry has become bleak. There is simply a slight change in the scenario – for optimization, people need to do what should have been done a long time back – provide valuable and real marketing for the concerned business. It is actually a good thing that now there is no room for simply throwing many links online to get first page ranking in Google.

What to actually look for?

To increase online exposure, a company must wade through several companies that claim to give you guaranteed rankings at the shortest amount of time, plus some more. You have to find a good, professional and reliable SEO company for your needs so that the results you reap are long term. Remember those companies that promise you the world at amazingly low prices actually remain afloat by burning and working for those businesses that actually think with a 20th century mindset regarding the internet and its uses. Marketing has two major goals – one is driving actual people to look at your services and products and two, promoting your public image or brand.

Considering some potential situations

Take the following scenarios to consider and decide for yourself.

1st case

An old school company has gotten you numerous links on many random sites that people only visit to add links but when was the time you actually went to some directory for information? They simply give you good rankings on Google. But, perhaps after some time when Google realizes that few people hardly visit the site, it stops giving you any rankings boost for those links, leading to a drop in traffic. Or maybe even decide that you are spamming and drops your name from the index.

2nd case

Your hired company uses holistic marketing approaches and strategies, forming relationships with people, leading to opportunities of posting content on varying websites. This leads to the driving of referral traffic to the company website. The site owner also promotes on various social networking sites resulting in even more traffic. This may take time but it will surely fetch you long lasting and sure-shot rewards.

Remember that the strategy of linking has become obsolete. These days, a good SEO company focuses on the fact that customers value websites that engage real people so that the online experience is enhanced.

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