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Give Your Marketing Campaign a New Direction with Facebook

Based on Alexa, Facebook is the 2nd most widely used site next to the search engine giant, Google. I explored more and learned that about 30% of the worldwide internet users check out Facebook every single day. Facebook at present has 955 million subscribers and it is expanding as well. 45 Million status updates are published on Facebook each day and worldwide users expend close to 8 billion minutes on a daily basis.

Exactly what does it signify to you as an online marketer? It’s a huge gold mine. Is it not? On the other hand, how would you like to position yourself distinctively and advertise your company or business on Facebook taking into consideration the large amount of updates being published on Facebook every single day?

How do you hold the focus of the Facebook end-users? The objective of this article is to make you conscious of the fundamental Facebook marketing and advertising methods and tools or resources that you need to effectively produce sales opportunities and dominate.

Always remember Facebook is a social network and should not be used to pitch your business. Prosperity in your Facebook marketing is directly proportional to the number of solid relationships developed with fellow users.

Facebook Profile

This is actually the first and foremost suggestion. Make sure you make your user profile as appealing as possible; right here are some of the greatest tips –

1. An image is worth 1000 words. Ensure that you add an image in your user profile. Don’t stick cartoon or celebrity’s photo as it might become the perfect brand down the road. Everyone loves to get in touch with genuine folks not with a machine.

2. Fill out your past information for example colleges went and then make it publicly open to ensure that people can find you through search

3. Add your likes and dislikes and make it public to ensure that other members could relate to you

4. I’d strongly suggest display all of your sites inside your profile. Anybody checking out your profile page could also check out your URLS and find out more about you

Add Friends Daily

After making a user profile, don’t loose time waiting for things to take place. Go on and add couple of buddies each day. It’s recommended that you can add up to 25-30 friends on a daily basis.

The concept behind this is – create a community of friends and after all it’s friends that make a difference a lot. Substantially adding of friends can lead to ban from Facebook.

Build Network by liking and commenting on others posts

After adding few friends, you will see their updates at your Facebook homepage. Start communicating with them by the means of liking and commenting on their status update and photos. By this method your friends will know you better and most likely they will do the same for you and most important thing is that you will create a viral effect since their friends will also see your profile and a brilliant comment can also bring few new friends and that means building a strong network with a little effort.

Facebook Photo Albums

Sharing attention-grabbing pictures in your Facebook profile can create huge interest among your subscribers about you and your products. People will love to know more about you by the means of images. If you are working in SEO field and have attended a SEO conference in your town with your fellow co-workers then upload that pictures in Facebook and check out your analytics in the next day. You will be surprised to see the amount of visitors is coming from Facebook.

Google play (the android market section) or also the I-Phone app market has some excellent apps for you, by utilizing them you can easily upload various images to Facebook directly from your phone.

Share Videos in Facebook

Video conveys more than pictures. An interactive video can bring Facebook user’s attention to your website or products. In 2012 the importance of video marketing in SEO field is vast and it is growing quickly. More you share interactive and interesting videos, better it is.

Do share videos about various events, achievements, funny incidents and your products that could attract visitor’s attention and could have a positive influence on others facebook users.

Some normal way to make a video apart from promoting your products (you need to be more natural to make a strong network and only then you can get leads from them)

– Upload a short video to introduce yourself to your new friends in facebook. Tell them about you, the funny side of you and at last tell them about businesses that you are currently managing.
– Make use of instant video recording feature in facebook to wish birthdays to your facebook friends.

Make use of Facebook Groups and Fanpages

This is one of the most crucial methods of promoting your business or products in Facebook. You need to create a facebook fanpage for promoting your services. Invite your facebook friends to join your fanpage and also put a FB banner in your website to attract site visitors to like your fanpage.

Promoting only your products in your fanpage will make it a boring place. So do share pictures, videos, infographics or normal tips or guidelines in fanpage to make it a human friendly web space to stay and connect with others.

Fanpage or groups can help you to bring in more targeted traffic. Just showcase your services and products in an interesting way which will create a viral awareness among your fanpage subscribers.

Create and Manage Facebook Events

Facebook allows you to create a public event which can be viewed by all Facebook members. It also provides you with URL which is used to communicate with other social networking sites such as twitter, MySpace, etc. Invitation to an event can also be send to all the group members via email.

It has also a unique feature which keeps track of the users status with attending, not attending or may be attending the event. A reminder email can also be send to the people who haven’t yet decided or may be planning to attend the event.

Get Acquainted with your Facebook wall posts:

Every user in Facebook has a wall where he posts all his messages and can also moderate the comments made. Even your post will have a like and comment button where your friends can like and comment on your post if they wish to do so. However, posts can effectively be made on the walls of the members having huge number of friends. This tends to be beneficial to the users visiting the page. However, Facebook will disable your account if they see you spamming. So, it is highly recommendable to be cautious while using this approach.

Make Use of Facebook Notes

Facebook Note is an awesome feature being made for all its users. This feature helps to make your valuable blog content publicly visible to all the members of Facebook. Also there are applications that automatically import your blog content into notes. Thus, this feature helps to increase your blog traffic tremendously and ultimately your sales.

Apps on Facebook

Facebook has got a couple of applications and you can make full use of it. Among all, I like Vuyou(Video Email Application). As the name suggests, this cool application generates leads through various marketing strategies like PPC, classifieds etc.
Next comes the Networked Blogs which also helps to increase the visibility for my blog.

Do you have something to share with us? Let us know via blog comments. If you like to hire us for social media management then please feel free to explore our portal – We will love to help you.


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