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Considering the fact that internet marketing is becoming more popular with advertisers with each passing day, seeking SEO partnership programs has become absolutely necessary. The traditional agencies, nowadays, are more and more pressurized to protect and add value to their relationships by offering a flawless online advertising alternative to their clients while being in full control of the relationship.

We, at Indian SEO Company, have partnerships with several advertising companies, ranging from big brands to traditional media companies which may be searching for a worthy internet marketing partner that is capable of meeting the various client requirements related to PPC, SEO etc.

If you are an agency that does not specialize in search engine marketing, we can provide enterprise-level SE marketing to your clients. We offer you a program that helps you enable your clients to accomplish their internet advertising goals effortlessly. We give you the option to collaborate with us behind the scenes in the form of a private level offering or as an affiliate for referrals; what is more, you can also co-brand our services

Our SEO partnership program provides opportunities for:

  • Web development companies
  • Webhosting concerns
  • Advertising companies
  • Internet marketing agencies
  • Printing agencies
  • Freelance graphic designers and copywriters
  • PR consultants/firms

With our program, you can meet the following requirements:

  • Client retention
  • Effective internet marketing capabilities
  • A transparent relationship between client and partners
  • Streamlined procedures
  • A partner with proven leadership in the industry
  • Access to high-quality marketing technology
  • Confidentiality

Client retention

With us, you can keep your relationship with your client under control by offering them effective solutions. This shall enable you to retain your customers for a longer time, enhance revenue and add greater value as a competitive differentiator. Choosing a partner with the highest ethical standards is important for supporting your own culture.

A partner that has high integrity and proven results

In order to maintain a long term relation with your clients, it is necessary that you work with an SEO company that has a reputation of dealing in successful campaigns, including reputed brands. We can proudly call ourselves that.

Effective internet marketing capabilities

Our online advertising services cover global, national and local Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click or PPC management, landing page optimization, local map optimization, design services and social media marketing.

Access to the best technology in marketing

Tracking and measurement are the two critical aspects of advertising. Our proprietary marketing technology provides sophisticated reporting and granular tracking.

Streamlined Procedures

The various procedures with which our staff supports agencies and huge volumes of clients are: new client startup and kickoff meetings, business development research, pricing and support suggestions, joint new business calls, effective account management, executive sponsor assignment and campaign results reporting.


Integrity is an integral part of a successful partnership not just between the partner and the client, but also offering 100% confidentiality to our partner company on all advertising, strategy and customer information.

Get in touch with us to get the best SEO partnership programs for your business.

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