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Google launches Dynamic SiteLinks and announces Dynamic Sitelink Clicks are Free

Date July 31st, 2014   | Get Back to News Home - Click Here

Google has announced through Inside AdWords blog that they have introduced dynamic sitelinks. Sitelinks help to connect users to the content they are looking for by relating certain pages on a website with a direct link from an advert. According to Google, this will be another AdWords tool intended to enhance the value of ads by saving time and streamlining campaign management to a considerable extent. Dynamic sitelinks are automatically generated sitelinks and they will show up right at the end of your ad text.

When a user clicks a dynamic sitelink, the advertiser is not required to pay for that. But, there is a twist in the tale. When an advertiser gets clicks on the title of their ads and other ad extensions, they will be charged as usual. Advertisers have the option to turn off dynamic sitelinks although it is proven that dynamic sitelinks bring in a marked improvement in an ad’s performance.

Google AdWords Dynamic Sitelinks

Google wrapped the announcement by emphasizing the fact that they are continuously on the go to find new ways to boost up ad experience for both advertisers and users. They also added that sitelinks help to increase the relevance of an ad and the relevance of user experience after clicking on the advert.

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