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Did You Know that Google Analytics Can Segregate Brand and Non-brand PPC Traffic?

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Paid brand and non-brand search terms perform quite differently and most of the online marketing professionals analyze these two sets of keywords separately. To make their job simple, Google has included a new feature in Analytics that automatically divides brand and generic or non-brand paid keywords in separate channels.

Analytics guesses brand search terms by considering various factors such as CTR, domain name and text string. Once confirmed, the brand search terms are kept under Brand Paid Search channel and non-brand terms are kept under the Generic Paid Search channel.

paid brand and non-brand search terms

Set up process

Go to the Admin tab and you will find Manage Brand Terms facility under Channel Settings. The Manage Brand Terms facility allows you to manage the list of keywords in the Brand Paid Search Channel. Online marketers can review the keywords that Google indentifies as brand and acknowledge or reject Google’s selection. They can also add other brand terms that are not included.

If you have not set up the channels already, then undergo the Manage Brand Terms process and the system will ask you to create the two channels. Note that it can take maximum 48 hours before the changes will affect the reports. The two channels are placed inside Multi-Channel Funnels and the main Channel section below the Acquisition menu.

These channels apply to all paid searches. Therefore, Bing Ads and any other traffic source labelled as CPC will be included as well.

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