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Bing's Duane Forrester Debunks 10 SEO Myths

Date May 14th, 2014   | Get Back to News Home - Click Here

After Matt Cutts, from Google, came up with the biggest SEO myths, the product manager of Bing, Duane Forrester had come up his list of top 10 SEO myths. While some of them are truly myths, others are a part of best practices. Here they are:

1. You have to have the First Rank: It does not matter if you have not achieved the number one position, being in the first page is enough or even the second page is not bad at all.

2. A Good Title Tag can Save you: Yes, it would certainly give you some click-throughs, but cannot save you if every other element about your site is terrible.

3. Social is all that you Need: Social should be a part of your campaign, not its heart. You need to support your site with other marketing aspects as well.

4. Videos are all that you need: Videos are important, but relying solely on it can limit viewers. Hence, it is better to back it up with non-video content.

5. Buying Ads Help Your Rank: This does not really work. Spend on ads keeping conversion in mind, not rank.

Duane Forrester

6. You make Awesome Content: That is what you may think, not your visitors. If you find high bounce rates and less second time visits, you should surely improve your content.

7. Links are all that you Need: Organic links are the best, the ones that you are unaware of coming.

8. Marking up Helps Rank: Marking up does help you boost rank, but only for some particular things like recipe searches. Marking up is likely to rise in importance, so make sure you have marked up your content before it becomes a greater priority.

9. Usability and SEO are Distinct: NO, it is in fact one, as both affect one another. The design and SEO teams should work together so that the quality of none is sacrificed, but complement each other.

10. SEO is all that you Need: This too is an important part of your site, but only a part, that helps your site gain visibility in search engines.

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