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Google Has Brought NHL, NBA Video Highlights To Its Search Results

Date May 15th, 2014   | Get Back to News Home - Click Here

The search engine giant, Google, has recently launched an exciting new feature which is a treat for NBA lovers. It involves displaying video highlights of the game from the previous night that they might have missed, when they search for the name of the team. The video is placed at the very top of the SERPs, with the score and the video in a box, the former on the left and the latter on the right.


All the videos that are featured are from the official channel of YouTube of either NBA or NHL, which means Google will not be displaying videos that are posted on YouTube by fans or the teams themselves.

The length of the videos are just a few minutes, and offers a full recapitulation of the game including the commentary. Hence, it is a boon for NBA lovers who would like to catch up the highlights of the game that they might have missed. Besides, you can also click on the arrow to see the results of seven previous games as well as get information on the upcoming one.

Google only shows the videos for teams that played a game the previous night. So, for instance, if you search for Minnesota Wild or Chicago Blackhawks, teams that played an NHL playoff game that took place on May 12 (Sunday), Google won't be showing the highlights.

You can also search for only the name of the team as well. For instance, if you search for Spurs, Google shows the details for San Antonio Spurs with a complete video. The novel feature is restricted to only NBA and NHL games for now.

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