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Matt Cutts Answers the Reasons Behind Ignoring Default Title Tag

Date April 30 th, 2014   | Get Back to News Home - Click Here

Matt Cutts, the man behind all the algorithm updates released by Google recently answered a very common yet important question of the search  engine optimizers all over the world. Google generally uses title tag content as the snippet title in search results. However, sometimes the search engine giant ignores the title tag and uses something else for the snippet title. SEO experts often wonder "Why Google's does that?"

Matt said that the company wants to match the snippet title with the query made by the searcher. When the snippet title matches with the search query, CTR increases and thus, both users and website owners get what they want.

When Google checks the quality of a title tag, three factors are mainly considered -

1. It should be short

2. Clear description of the page and the native website

3. The title tag is relevant to the search

If your web pages' title tags match the aforementioned criteria, then Google will use them as snippet titles. However, if not, then the search engine may utilize-

1. Relevant content on your page

2. Anchor text link

3. Open Directory Project can be used too

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