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Matt Cutts Debunks SEO Myths

You may have heard many myths regarding search engine optimization over the years and believed in some of them. Google's Matt Cutts also keeps an eye on such myths floating in web and recently he decided to debunk some of them. He recently released a help video for webmasters and discussed four most common SEO myths.

Pay for Google AdWords and Get Better Organic Ranking:-

Some so called SEO experts say that buying ads in AdWords can help you improve organic search ranking and some say its better to avoid AdWords if you want good organic ranking. The fact is, both the claims are baseless.

Algorithms Updates are released by Google to Force People Buy Ads:-

Google does not change algorithms to sell ads. Matt claimed in the video that Google's sole purpose is to provide quality search results to the users so that they stay happy and loyal. In fact, they will never release algorithms updates to force marketers increase their advertisement budget.

Black Hat Techniques are Great:-

Don't pay attention to the black hat tips because there is no “secret way to get the number one position on SERPs”. For example- article submission in directories and guest blogging won't secure your website the numero uno rank.

SEO Tools can Solve any Problem:-

SEO tools are not bad, but relying on them too much is not a good strategy. SEO software packages often leave footprints that can be tracked and penalized by the search engine giant. They can't solve all the challenges you face while optimizing a website.

So, which of these myths you believed in earlier? Share your thoughts with us.

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