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Google Added Enterprise Level Features to AdWords

Date May 5th, 2014   | Get Back to News Home - Click Here

A few days ago, Google hosted the Step Inside Adwords event. In that event Google's vice president of AdWords Product Management, Jerry Dischler announced four really useful new features and enhancements for AdWords. The good news is that couple of these features bring robust, enterprise-level AdWords management functionality to AdWords. Earlier, those features were only available in third party solutions. Third party platforms like Marin and Kenshoo offer some state of the art features to the AdWords users and it seems that Google wants to beat the competitors. The other two features are completely new and when they will be launched in the coming months, SEO professionals will think twice before using third party AdWords management platforms.

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Here are the enterprise class solutions announced by Jerry Dischler. These will improve project management, reporting, and search engine optimization in AdWords.

Bulk Actions: AdWords users get the freedom to set up location marking, ad rotation and several other settings across multiple ad campaigns.

Advanced Reporting: This is the Excel for AdWords. It is a multidimensional tool.

Automated Bidding: It is an expansion of the automated bidding functionality. It helps you boost conversion rate rapidly.

Drafts & Experiments: This feature allows you to set your account into draft mode and perform experiments with a certain percentage of the web traffic.

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