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Onpage Optimization Tutorial 2 – Keywords in Title, Meta Description and Keywords

Have you ever thought how search engines understand the subject of a website – whether a web page is related to fashion or technology? A search engine is just few, probably millions, lines of codes; how can it understand which page is suitable for your search query?

All the search engines use unique algorithm to index and rank the websites. They check several factors while categorizing and ranking the web pages; one of the important factor among all is the usage of keyword in the web page header.

Three spaces where you can use keywords in web page header are:

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords

While creating a web page you have to make sure that the words and phrases that describe the content of the page properly are used in page title, Meta description and keywords. An SEO company can help you optimize these onpage factors in such a way that it leaves a positive impact in ranking.

Thousands of websites are competing to rank for a keyword. Once you have selected the keywords that describe your business and your web page accurately, you have to use them in the page header.

While inserting keywords in page title, Meta description and keywords you have to keep certain things in mind.

1.       Do not insert keywords forcefully; make sure that you write a sensible title and description for the page.

2.       Keep the character limits in mind – you cannot just continue writing, go through the guidelines for webmasters to know more on this. Or you consult a professional SEO company in India who can help you optimize title, Meta description and keywords.

3.       Also, try to use other relevant words related to the content of the web page. This will make the entire thing look natural. A professional SEO company can help you with proper keyword research and onpage optimization using synonyms of your targeted keyphrases.

4.       Some webmasters believe that it does not make any sense to use the keyword tag in web page header any more because search engines have stopped counting it. But there is no harm if you do – if you are not spamming the system and using relevant words, you can definitely add the Meta keyword tag in your web page header.

5.       Some of the keywords may not be grammatically correct, for example, ‘florist London’. While using this keyword in web page title and description, you can definitely make it ‘florist in London’ – do not write wrong English for the sake of onpage optimization.

A professional SEO company in India can help you get all the onpage factors in place. As a newbie you may end up making some mistakes which might be harsh on your website’s ranking – so consult an Indian SEO company to get the best result.

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