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Useful Tips for Making this Holiday Season a SEM Success

For obvious reasons, the most favorable time for online retailers to make profit is the season of holiday shopping. This season has repeatedly witnessed mind blowing profit and growth in programs like social, mobile, search and display. The online marketers thus must plan to continue their success story in the year 2012 as well. And to make sure that this year too turns out to be extremely profitable, online marketers can take the support of seo company india to plan and prepare the entire campaign and should always be flexible enough to welcome changes in the circumstances.

Here are some tips that can help online marketers plan effectively:

Plan and schedule your campaigns: Instead of getting involved in data analysis, optimization of campaigns, granular reporting etc. on the basis of recent performance, try to concentrate on launching fresh campaigns with relevant keywords for key promotion.

A proper strategy for campaigns in alignment with promotional calendars before the holiday season should be done. You can use tried and tested text in combination with attractive promotional offers. Try to use effective and direct keywords like “buy shoes online”. And finally, make sure you launch the products at the right time, for which effective planning and execution in advance is required.

Boost schedule: Shoppers tend to over-purchase during holiday season. An intelligent way to prepare for the changes in purchase behavior is to create a boost schedule. It serves as a road map that helps in determining the time and rate of increasing boost bids and how to take advantage of revenue per click (RPC) and high conversion rates during the holiday season.

In order to develop a boost schedule, you first need to set a baseline for RPC at least a month before the starting of the holiday season. Then examine the previous year’s ROI in order to determine this season’s bids. Use the last year’s RPC trends for creating the present year’s boost schedule. Keep tuning your boost estimates by regularly monitoring RPC changes.

Promotions: Good promotion attracts customers. Some influential promotional tools are free shipping, coupons, discounts etc. Make sure to creatively highlight the attractive offers; for instance, you can use a catchy text. Time-bound offers and shipping discounts should be introduced with a sense of urgency so that more shoppers get attracted to it.

Target social shoppers: With social networking sites like Facebook exhibiting ‘search-like holiday seasonality’, it is high time businesses consider the impact that a coordinated social marketing program can create. Shoppers who earlier used search engines to seek information are now relying on social networks for latest product information and offers.

Utilize PLA or Product Listing Ads: PLAs are rich in content and highly visible, which helps Google shoppers find and compare various products. PLAs usually include images, prices and brand names of products.

So, get hold of an efficient seo company india which hires professional optimizers to take care of your entire campaign so that you can maximize your profits this holiday season.


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