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Use Bing To Make Your Search Rewarding, Literally

No need to get the Bing Bar installed to count on the recently launched Bing Rewards. You can earn credits and convert redeem rewards through on other platforms as well.

When the Microsoft-owned search engine launched the Bing Rewards in September last year, it was a novel initiative that allowed Internet users to a chance of earning free rewards and cash them. The only obligation of the users was they had to install the Bing Bar, which meant Microsoft kept the offer restricted to users of Bing specifically.

But it was a common murmur that this brilliant offer should be made available on the other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome etc. The people who have experienced it also thought suggested improvement of this policy in the form of greater accessibility.

Finally, Bing Rewards has got a position on the Bing Header and access has become easy and quick. Users can earn points, track balance and redeem rewards by accessing the Bing Header through any browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, Chrome, Safari and Forefox. Now, participants of the Bing Rewards are no longer committed to installing Bing Bar. Once you have successfully subscribed it, you can access it through any browser and continue to earn credit points and cash on them. And the already existing members can still sign in to earn credits.
Now installing the Bing features are all the more interesting and rewarding. While they get the great features, they can simultaneously earn rewards and redeem them. There are multiple ways of roping on it. Users can either search for information through this search engine, or they can install Bing features or they can even learn about how searching on this engine can be made faster and effective to take more meaningful decision. And during all these activities, users will be exposed to the chance of earning points and credits.

But before you start earning through Bing, everyday you should check out what the opportunities are because the number of credits changes on a regular basis. You click on the reward button and find out what you can win.

Microsoft’s credit wares: Wondering about what you stand the chance of winning? You should. There are gift cards such as Starbucks, Amazon, and Crate & Barrel etc. If you are interested in redeemable Microsoft points, you are entitled to Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions, Xbox Kinect bundle, Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Facebook Credits, convertible points for trip to Hawaii and even cash. Your Bing Search in the coming months will be even more interesting as Microsoft is planning to offer free subscription for Gamefly, Slacker Radio and Zune Pass etc.

So, click on the Rewards button, find out what Bing has for you and then decide how you will like to go about it and win the TONS of prizes.


  1. I’ve noticed this feature just very recently. And to think about it, it’s fun and really rewarding. Bing is improving and so far they’re doing a good job. Thanks to Bing for rewarding users like me.

  2. awesome feature
    is this feature is available in India
    please let me know

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