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Google Local Search Engine Optimization Tips To Get Better Ranking

Suppose, you need to reserve a table in a restaurant at the eleventh hour. So what you would do? Do a Google search and then click on the results that pop out there and it’s done. Is not it simple? Have you ever thought how these websites manages to stealth those coveted positions there? As obvious, it is not that easy. Just gets your business registered in Google Place is not the end of the task. Thousands of businesses have already got registered but sadly enough most of them fail to make it to the top 7 in Google local search results. It is not that easy but of course, it is not impossible. Here in this article, we are going to share some secrets of Google local search engine optimization to ensure better rankings in local search.

Contact Details: – Say, if your business is located in Bandra, Mumbai, do not forget to mention that in your business contact details, as it will help Google to relate your business to a string of search queries that comes with the term “Bandra, Mumbai”. Google will automatically give you better ranking and visibility when a user search with local keywords.

Use of keywords in The Business Name: – It sounds rational to rechristen your business name since Google gives value to keywords and if you manages to add some keywords smartly in the business name, it will do good to your business.

Create A Complete Business Profile: – Do not serve your business to your potential clients half-backed. To secure ranking in the top 7 Google local search results, you need to have a professional and complete business profile. Try to incorporate some area specific keywords in the body content. Do not jump the gun that I am asking you top stuff it with keywords. No not that all. What I am asking is to make your business profile visible by optimizing it properly by blending right keywords.

Get Some Good Rating: – Let’s be clear, you should not badger life of your clients to death post some favorable reviews about your business. Google is smart enough to track your small tricks. As Google Local searches gives importance to recommendations and reviews, you need to get as many honest and positive reviews as possible.

Proximity Matters: If your business is located at the heart of Bandra, Mumbai, chances are that your website gets better ranking in Bandra based keywords. Try not to hoodwink Google by cleverly using Bandra keyword in the description if the physical location of your business is elsewhere.

Last But Not the Least: – Try to get listed in some local business directories. It will give your web presence a boost besides offering your business a chance to get in touch with some other business owners.


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