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Tips to Get higher ranking in Google

Do you own an SEO company and are wondering how to increase the ranking of your website in the Google search engine result? Then the first thing you should remember is that without quality content your website has no chance to get any fair treatment from Google. We bring you some effective tips on how to garner Google trust for your website.

Upload original, quality content regularly

• Remember the purpose of your writing is to inform the readers. Make it as clear and concise as possible with no attempt of beating around the bush.

• Make it a point to upload only the contents backed with important details. Ensure your content has minimum 500 words as thin content website usually gets labeled as “content farm” by Google.

• Conduct thorough research and analysis before proceeding with the content. Never ever copy or reproduce content from any other website. Your originality is important to win you a higher ranking in the search result.

• Incorporate relevant videos or images in your content to make it user-friendly. Ensure you have proper rights for the use before choosing any of these.

• Make provisions for your content to be shared on the social networking sites to the maximum limit. Google considers the website with distinct presence in the social site as a really creditable one.

• Upload new articles as often as it is feasible. Google tends to overlook stagnant websites and give priority to only websites that constantly update contents.

• Encourage comments from your users. These comments help to secure a better rating among the readers and facilitate the website to gain credibility in the search engine.

• Provide essential link-ups to other pages of your website on individual pages. This helps the users to explore more of your website enriching their knowledge through you.

Allow your identity to be revealed: Any website that lacks identity of its creators ranks low in the reader’s trust. To obtain high ranking of your website in the search engine result, you need to have quality content as well as high trust factor. Let your readers know about you in the “Home” or “About us” page of your website. Tell your readers some basic information about yourself like your name, your organization name, history of your establishment, your contact details, some real testimonials and also may be a true picture of yourself.

Link schemes do more harm than good: You may be approached by a number of link building companies asking for their client link to your website in return of some fee. Do not fall to the temptations of these link schemes as these go against the Google quality guidelines. By linking their client websites, you run at the risk of connecting to such websites that have low or no connection to your own website. This raises a question on your editorial merit thereby removing you from the good-will list of Google.

Be judicious with your advertisement display: Advertisements form the major revenue earning source for any website. But if you simply focus on making your website heavily loaded with ads, you are at the risk of turning away your potential viewers. If Google finds your website to be ad-heavy and with high bounce rate, it will inevitably assume your website to be failing in user experience. Besides, some advertisements by nature slow down the speed of the website and some merge into the content so deep that it becomes a tedious job for the readers to distinguish them form the real content.

Other important considerations:

• Your website wins audience only if it can confirm the protection of the user’s privacy policy. If you are asking for user’s personal information, be sure to use SSL that encrypts the provided information and ensures hundred percent privacy to the users.

• Your website should mention clearly the terms of use. In case you website asks for any payment, make sure you allow refunds in case of any mistakes from your end. Building the credibility among the viewers is the most important thing for commanding a clear sustainability in the search engine.

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