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4 Strategies Suggested by SEO Companies to Website Owners

Running an online business is profitable but to sustain your profitability, your site must stay visible on the top of search engine result pages. That is why businesses often hire a SEO company to optimize their websites for search engines. The problem with SEO is that you have to stay constantly updated about the new searching rules followed by Google, Bing and Yahoo. These search engines often change their algorithms to provide more accurate results to users and release new updates like Panda and Penguin. If your website does not follow the rules laid by these updates, it can lose its rank quickly and your competitors will reign supreme.

Have you ever wondered what type of strategies SEO companies follow to keep your website ahead of your competitors? Don’t? Then read the information provided below.

  • Display uniqueness: There are numerous sites in your niche, offering the same products and services as you do. So, the only way to attract customers is by displaying something unique on the web pages. You may not know the procedure to make your site unique, but your SEO service provider certainly knows it. The service provider helps you highlight your USP on the homepage, suggests you to add trust factors (PayPal logo, contact number) etc. and helps you manage your clients more efficiently. In the online world, trust is the most important factor behind any business deal and your SEO expert ensure that buyers consider your site as the best place to get the best deal.
  • Intelligent mix of text and images: As it is your site, you must have the freedom to design it your way, but remember that design, no matter how beautiful it is, cannot bring customers. When people search for a product/service online, the content helps Google/Yahoo/Bing determine which sites should be in the top 10 results. Therefore, every professional SEO company suggests that inserting fresh and informative content on web pages is great for optimization. However, that does not mean you should stuff the pages with text only. Add images with image tags to make your sales pitch more convincing and as image alt tags are great for SEO, you get double benefits.
  • Style of content writing: The SEO world was once ruled by keywords, but those days are gone now. Keywords are certainly important, but too much keyword can compel Google to consider your site as spam. Therefore, intelligent placement of keywords and keywords variety is far more important than how many keywords you are using. Content structure matters a lot as well, because Google gives priority to bounce rate. Make sure that your website content is an easy read. SEO companies suggest bullet points, sub headlines and small paragraphs to reduce bounce rate.
  • Utilize the power of social media: Social media marketing is an important part of search engine optimization. The “like”, “+1” and “tweet” have become indicators of web user preferences. When you share something on websites or social media sites and visitors like or +1 it, Google immediately understands that the content is useful for common people and help your site stay on top of the SERPs.


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