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8 Easy Steps to Engage Traffic from Google Other Than Link Building

Link building may give your business the much-needed attention from the biggest search engine in the world, but let me tell you there are other and much easier ways to rank high on the first page of Google. Building links is a difficult job and there is no such guarantee that this technique only will be adequate to spread brand awareness. Along with this, you have to steer your concentration on some other useful aspects to make sure that your India SEO Company website continues to engage traffic.
Whether you own an established business or have just started out, these eight steps can guide you to the right path to achieve maximum visibility on the huge platform called Google.

Step 1

Target your Niche Audience

You must have heard the maxim that slow and steady wins the race. This is the secret to success for any business. In the beginning, it is beneficial to focus on regional customers. Jumping on to the bigger picture right at the start might cost you very badly. It is not at all an act of wisdom to incur hefty losses with hasty decisions. Instead of dreaming enormously high at the initial stage, it is advisable to stick to the basics at first. Do some research on your potential customers and identify the niche audience which can boost your website’s click-through-rates and gradually, enhance conversion rates.

Step 2

Increase Website Traffic with Good Quality Content that is User-Friendly.

Web content is considered high-quality when it succeeds to contain the following characteristics:
1. Informative
2. Easy-to-read
3. Error-free
4. Relevant to the topic
5. Unique
First, if the write-up does not provide sufficient and useful information, it is of no use. Secondly, if the information is not penned down eloquently, readers will gain nothing from it. Third, the presence of typos, grammatical mistakes and wrong construction of sentences make articles a painful read. In the fourth case, if a reader finds your website content dealing with some other things, not relevant to your offerings, the dream of establishing a large client base will always elude you. Finally, articles must be unique so that you have nothing to fear about the frequent Panda updates by Google.
Hire a good writer, having knowledge in SEO guidelines, to fill your site with interesting and informative content.

Step 3

Ensure that Users Find it Fast and Easy to Browse your Site

Poor site configuration can lead to a bad user-experience. Gone are the days when people were glued to Internet on desktop only. Now, majority of web users prefer to browse Internet on their mobile and today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. At this juncture, it is of immense importance that your site is configured properly to view on mobiles and smartphones. Also, make sure that your website does not take too much time to load. Testing the patience of users does not lead to positive results.

Step 4

Create Interesting Videos

There is no doubt regarding the popularity of YouTube and the effectiveness of videos in drawing high traffic to a website. Interesting videos whether containing professional or informal content are watched and re-watched on YouTube. So, just think how can you gain by posting an engaging video? Put in your best efforts to create an attractive video that spreads your message and showcases your brand in the best possible way. Try to come up with an appealing title for your dynamic content.
Step 5

Optimise your Dynamic Content Efficiently to Increase Website Traffic

When you have thought about promoting your brand on YouTube, your job does not end with creating an amazing video and uploading it. Before you post the video, you have some other tasks as well. The title and the description of the video must contain well-researched keywords that are popular, specific, relevant and competitive. The description must feature your website URL along with the keywords. The most important feature you cannot miss out is the call-to-action overlay. Without this, it is not possible to acquire feedback from consumers. Choose appropriate video keywords to expect a high rank on YouTube and Google.
Upload your video, value the response you get and follow up with more striking dynamic content than the last one.

Step 6

Take Advantage of Google Authorship in the Right Manner

You are happy to have a Google Authorship because it will get you good number of clicks. But, do you know that just an authorship is not enough for higher click-through-rates! Unless and until you use a suitable author image, the authorship is of no use to promote your India SEO Company. There are some mistakes that you must avoid when choosing an author image. Using the logo of your brand in this respect is a strict no-no. On the other hand, a blur and vague image will not serve the purpose at all. The right things to do are as follows:

  • Use the original photo of the author
  • Use a good quality image that appears clear and looks professional

Step 7

Utilise the Google+ Network Properly

Sharing content on Google+ network is more beneficial than it is on Facebook or Twitter. This is because when you share your blog or video on Google+, it becomes automatically visible on Google search results. So, if you have not been using this platform effectively, start reaping its benefits without delay. Make sure the content is useful.

Step 8

Reach Out to Global Audience

I suggested at the very beginning of this blog post that it is important to concentrate on regional audience only during the initial stage of business. So, when is the right time to focus on global audience? When you have an impressive base of regional clients, it is the perfect time to expand your services to your potential international customers. Carry out a research on keywords keeping in mind the countries (and their languages) you wish to offer your services to.
Now, you know that there are other ways to attract traffic to your website other than building links. Apply these eight steps to make your India SEO Company a big success.

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