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Social Media Marketing in The Age of Penguin

As Google began to carry out its updates, webmasters started wondering what was causing their ranks to nosedive. It is, majorly, the small-scale businesses that bore the brunt of Google Penguin, the last major update by the search engine. However, according to an India SEO company, even popular websites didn’t get spared. Since most websites depend on Google for traffic, loss of rankings was considered a major financial setback that badly affected their business and earning.

One of the huge changes that Penguin brought about is that it made SMM or Social Media Marketing a better marketing medium as compared to SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The reason behind this is that the former promises better ROI to businesses.

So, as they say, it is always better to go with the tide; it is, obviously, advisable to give all the past online marketing approaches a miss and get on with the new way of marketing through SM.

The effects of this update are quite difficult to measure, which is why business houses find paid advertisements like PPC more convenient as it gives clearer results. But given the importance that Google Penguin has placed on an author’s social influence as an important component for deciding his popularity, one cannot avoid social media as an advertising tool.

SMM is, thus, being played on a totally different level now. Though there are no sure-shot ways of attaining success, online marketers can still be benefited from the following pointers.

Goal-based ROI for Social Media

According to India SEO company, calculating ROI through social media is a complex process as several metrics are involved in it. As SM comprises a huge number of people in close-knit groups that behave in a distinct and complex manner, assigning monetary value to it becomes an issue. What businesses can do is use the attainment of SM goals as benchmarks and analyze them to find out if the ROI goals have been achieved. A goal in SMM can be achieving a certain number of followers or likes in Twitter and Facebook. These can be analyzed if they result into better sales and conversions.

Social media for Building Brand Identity

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest have proven their prowess at engaging audience. Businesses can exploit this power of these sites in building a great brand presence, thus creating an identity for their brands. They can then use this identity to stay in touch with their target customers.

Networking through Social Media

Building a rapport with people who are on the same niche as you, can be a great way to build presence and authority on the web. You need to view this process as that of gaining allies to give your site a greater exposure. A site that is associated with a popular one is, obviously, more trusted than ones that are not. So, it will save you from being left alone in the wild.

A reputed India SEO company is adept at marketing through social media; so, get hold of one and see your business grow by leaps and bounds, no matter how shocking the Google updates are.

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