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Smart Ways to Optimize Social Media Channels

Many conceive the term “optimization”, to be a complex mathematical and data analysis process. The approach seems to be the sole work of a technical geek. Although it is the core activity of a company to enhance its social presence, but it is simple enough for everyone to understand and act upon it. In fact, it is all about realizing the marketing efforts in online platform. Companies of small, medium, and large scale are leveraging the maximum expertise offered by SEO Company India. Through methodical experiment, the SEO firms are figuring out the better ways to present the existing and upcoming company resources.

Expertise to Drive in Traffic

Nevertheless, the companies face challenges from the escalating competition of the online marketing trend. Due to the lack of expertise and resources, most of the companies fall far too short in attracting the web traffic to their official website, pages, and other networking accounts. You can avoid the wasted opportunities in generating leads, by implementing the strategic efforts in your social media profile planning.
This easy-to-use guide will help you optimize your collective networking media channels such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networking accounts to drive in the traffic and generating leads for conversion.

Visual Dimension of Social Media Images

The banner images of the networking media accounts are the face of your brand. It depicts your company’s personality and credence. You need to pay special attention to the dimension and quality of the images that you upload as the banner image or other posts. To create an impeccable impression about your brand, there should not be any cropping distortion or pixilation of the images, as they are the visual presentation of companies’ activities.

Optimal Post Frequency for Sweet Spot

It is worth collecting a considerable amount of data to track the most advantageous post frequencies of different social media accounts. For instance, in case of Facebook, if you post once every two weeks, it will optimize the frequency of Like generation. Whereas, in case of tweeter, 1 to 14 tweets in an hour is the ideal frequency. This frequency depends on how many posts are getting into the feeds of your social account followers and subscribers.

Schedule the Best Timing for your Posts

The ideal schedule for your posts can be achieved by maintaining a gap of two hours. In addition, you need to stick to this frequency for at least a week. During that particular time, you can have the maximum impact on your key social metrics like shares, likes, lead generation, and click through rates. Apart from this, you need to figure out the favorable time and day for your posts. To achieve this, you can monitor the post frequency, and as per the pick time of the click through rate, you can post in the social media accounts.

Incorporate Social Tools in Other Marketing Channels

For the sake of the business, SEO Company India pre-segregates the social media channels, but in reality, they cannot perform in isolation. All the social media channels are interdependent and interconnected. Especially, in case of the social media marketing, the interdependences and interconnectedness of these marketing channels become more clear and vivid.

Incorporate Google Authorship in Blog

It is one of the most important activities, which you must consider while developing the social media channels. Adding Google authorship will let you connect your Google+ profile to the blog posts. This allows the Google search to display your name, image, profile, and the circles you have in your profile. Google has given special attention to hike the status of the authors, who are running the marketing campaigns. In here, as an author, your company’s brand name will surface to the web traffic, which can give your brand the maximum exposure.

Include Social Sharing and Follow Buttons in E-mail and Thank You Note

Social tools are not limited to the websites and blogs only. They can be extended to the e-mails, as well. In fact, you redirect more traffic to your social platforms, by flashing the existence of the other places, where your visitors can go, and have the bigger picture. This in turn, can escalate the click-through, and conversion. This will increase the audience engagement with the brand.

Cross Channel Consistent Branding

To use the social media channels effectively, it is recommendable that you use the same profile image in all the platforms of social media. This way, the followers or subscribers, who know you on Facebook will easily recognize you on Twitter or other channels. This enhances the sense of the brand appearance and its recall through the different channels. This is how; you can increase the chance of a better coverage. Maintain the same logo and banner image in all the social media channels. Stand apart from the crowd, with your unique theme and types of the images.

Hyperlink for Social Media Optimization

Identify all the valuable hyperlinks that you are authorized to use in the DNS Google+ page. You can take advantage of these links by redirecting the traffic to various website elements from your networking account profile page. Along with the outbound links, inbound links can also help you, by letting the search engine locate your social accounts easily. However, the anchor text should align with the proper pages that you want to link.

Unifying Social Relation

Like any marketing campaign, online media marketing should also be combined for having the maximum impact. Connecting your networking media accounts with each other cannot be the ultimate solution. Rather, you need to integrate your other channels like your e-mail, website, and the blog, as well. This gives chance to the viewers to comment on your accounts and posts, and share them to others. Encourage the users to share your account and its content through the networking icons from various platforms like blog, and web pages. While helping the users to smoothly share your account, you also need to connect it to different online elements. Nevertheless, as you will not want to miss the traffic, you have to be careful of not giving any navigation panel, and let the viewer stick on the page that you want to promote.

Channels of Maximum Advantage

It is a proven fact that every reputed SEO Company India is heavily banking on the optimization of the social media channels. Organizations across the nation are deriving enormous value of their business through the optimization of the social media channels. With a proper guidance from the experts, the entire campaign can be extremely beneficial.

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