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SEO v/s Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Showdown

When it comes to attracting traffic to your site, a SEO company can offer you several ways of ensuring that. Among the various choices you will get, two are of greatest importance: search engine optimization and social media. Sometimes, convincing people that these two are the best options one can avail becomes a problem while at times which one to choose between the two becomes an issue.

In this blog, we shall be discussing about both media so that you can analyze the pros and cons of each, and opt for your suitable medium for marketing. Let’s get started now.

How is traditional SEO better than Social Media?

Even today the majority uses Search to get information

To understand this, you need to look at yourself. What do you do when you need to buy a mobile phone or join a yoga class? You invariably go to one of the popular search engines to look for the required information. So, it can be assumed that other people like you do the same as well. In fact, studies show that about 61% people use Google to find the products and services they are looking for. This means that it is definitely a profitable place to be in, where ranking well with target keywords can get you a whole lot of traffic.

Know what people are looking for

Search engines often have useful tools that can be used to find out what people are currently searching for. You can begin with Google AdWords Keyword Tool which is very effective. With it, you may not be able to determine exactly how many searches “dog foods” gets a month but you can at least find out that it is quite popular in the search engine and gets you much more clicks than the term “dog food”.

Buy your way into results

Your hired SEO company will always advise you to use Google AdWords to buy your place in the sponsored links section, if you do not manage to reach the top position in a search engine. This feature comes with a bonus, which is that you can get your appearance customized in the SERPs.

How is Social Media better than Search?

Peer recommendations on social networks

Social network is popular with young adults who have been found to use social networking sites for product research. The best thing about these sites is that if you like a brand page, your connections can get to know about it, thereby helping you reach out to many more people.

Respond to criticism in real-time

One of the negative points about search engine results, apart from not getting a place in it at all, is that often negative things come up in it. This is the reason why online reputation management is so popular these days. However, in social media, you get a chance to respond to criticism in real-time.

Buy your place right in front of your target audience

With Facebooks ads, Promoted Tweets, StumbleUpon Ads etc., you can place your brand right in front of your target audience. This is a fabulous way of boosting traffic to your site, visibility of your messages on social networking sites and fans for your Facebook page.

Now that both media have been discussed, choose the one that is favourable for you and instruct your SEO company accordingly.


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