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SEO: Top 10 Tips to Help

SEO or Search Engine optimization is a vital element that helps in improving the rank of a website in search engine browsers. A rank among the top positions helps to attract more traffic to the website which in turn adds more customers to the business company. Broadly speaking there are two types of SEOs, i.e. White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. While the White Hat SEO works maintaining the rules and guidelines of search engines, the Black Hat SEO does not follow any guidelines which tend to spam the results. Below we will be discussing about the White Hat SEO tips and techniques that help in improving the rank of a website:

  1. On page smart changes: The foremost thing to maintain in SEO is on page submission. Proper usage of keywords, meta tags and title is very essential in order to execute better ranking of website.
  2. Directory Submission: Directory submission is another important task to do in order to gain good traffic. Submit on all available web directories but make sure to do it only once.
  3. Forum Posting: The oldest yet most effective process of gaining good rank is through forum posting. To have a link of your website on a particular forum helps to get a backlist easily.
  4. Blog Creation: To have a blog for the websites also helps to score better in SEO ranking. it allows more site popularity and also attract more users to the blog section, thus increasing the traffic. You should remember to have the blog updated with frequent blog posts.
  5. Blog Submission: After a blog is created, it needs to be submitted to the directories which again add more backlists giving a boost to the purpose of SEO.
  6. Article Submission: Another effective way of getting SEO campaign is to submit your high quality articles in article submission websites having high pr.
  7. Social Media Book-marking: This process of SEO not only improve ranking of site but also adds to the site’s popularity greatly. With the modern explosion of web 2.0 websites, social book-marking is very important.
  8. RSS Feed Creation: Create RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication feeds) to grow your websites better.
  9. RSS Feed Submission: RSS feeds or Really Simple Syndication feeds helps gain good web presence by submission to RSS feed submission sites.
  10. Blog Commenting: Make yourself available in blogs by commenting on various pr high blogs that are relevant to your websites. Post comments to get back links that will works for SEO purpose. Maintain to read the blog and comment properly to avoid being created as spam.

Follow the above stated tips and techniques of SEO properly and watch your website reach new success level.

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