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SEO Strategy in 2014: Here’s How To Get Set Go

2013 has been quite an eventful year as far as Google updates are concerned. The major Google updates that we saw in 2013 are Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, and thanks to encrypted search, providing keywords data seems like a thing of the past. SEO services India, observe that many people also went on to believe that search engine optimization, as a profession, is dead. But, given the challenges that Google keeps on throwing at web masters, in the form of their algorithms, nothing but SEO can help.

On the other hand, online presence was never as important as it is today, and neither the landscape so competitive as it is now. Now is the time when you can get a great ROI with your company’s online marketing strategy. But, falling back on the ‘grey hat’ tactics does not seem to work any longer. Instead, what you should do is step up and adopt a more robust vision of the niche.

You should start working not as a tactician but as a strategist. If you are capable enough and a hard working professional, you will be able to guess the next step of Google and respond to them with a sharp focus. The game of SEO is here to stay, it is just that its rules are getting complex with each update from Google.

Following are some suggestions for you, so that you can perform your best as a SEO professional in 2014:

Do not Forget the SEO Strategy of 2013

2013 has been a year of elimination of all short-cuts to higher ranks. This is a phenomenon that is expected to have a tighter hold on content marketing this year. Marketers are required to mend their ways and do away with all the illegitimate ways of building inbound links to get a higher rank in Google.

You can expect little adjustments with Penguin and Panda to continue even in 2014, as the updates will be having their effects on content and link quality this year as well. Hence, a rock solid SEO performance in 2014 can be built on the foundation of what you have learnt last year.

Mobile Strategies are of the Greatest Importance in 2014 says SEO Services India

With the update of Hummingbird, Google leaned towards the importance of mobile optimised websites. Given the fact that more and more browsing and sales happen through mobile devices, the importance of mobile responsive websites have risen a lot in the past few years. No wonder Google analyses your mobile website before giving it a good rank.

Some important changes that took place with the Hummingbird update are the increased significance of semantic search and the increasing growth of the influence of Knowledge Graph. Practically speaking, this is a step towards preparing search engines for the growth of voice search associated with mobile devices. Besides, it also has an additional direct implication for broader SEO. This is an area that you need to pay attention to, beginning from how to frame your content to what type content to choose.

Content is as Important as Ever

Google made it very clear last year that sites that compromise on content can never attain a good rank in the search engine. In fact, it will be preferring websites with robust content marketing efforts. Thus, you need to place more importance on creating content-driven websites for the clients.

Marketing content was a buzz in 2013 and in 2014, it is going to be a part of mature marketing. Proper content marketing has the following benefits:

  • Fresh and relevant content being targeted to your audience.
  • Updated content gives your site a feeling of being alive.
  • Social signals from the daily engagement and sharing.
  • Enhancing the authority of your work.

Social Media has Got an Important Role to Play

Social media is undoubtedly a very important player in the landscape of digital marketing. All of it began with the rise of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and then visual content gradually came along in the form of Instagram, Pinterest and the micro-video services.

Diversification is the key to succeed in 2014. Being present in just one network is no longer considered to be enough. A recent study on SEO showed that all successful B2Bs are present at least on 7 networks. You as a SEO professional should be asking yourself the following question this year:

  • Are we giving enough importance to social media? Are we making use of the strong pillars, reciprocity, good content and engagement?
  • Are all our contents enabled with convenient social sharing?
  • Is there a dissemination phase included in our content strategy which maximises its potential for distribution via various social networks?
  • Are we active in the social networking sites important for our client’s business?
  • Are we active in the social networking sites important for our target audience?
  • Are we active in the social networking sites important for the search engines?
  • Is our social media marketing strategy capable enough for stimulating the right social signals that are required to attain our goals?

Be Present in Google+

Besides, the factors prior to this, being present in Google+ is also an important determinant of good rank. The areas that you need to focus on are:

  • Establishing Google Authorship of the content that you publish and tying it with your client’s Google+ account. Authorship, which helps in bringing the content of a site into a single body, plays a major role in the SERPs and in also in strengthening the Author Rank.
  • Each of the +1s add up. However, exactly how much Google +1’s contribute, it not really clear. But, it is a very important factor as far as ‘social signals’ is concerned in Google algorithm; and this is a factor that is expected to increase this year.

2013 was a year of SEO alterations, and the scenario shall be continuing in 2014 as well. What’s good about this year is that, we at least know in which direction the changes are heading. So, SEO services India, have said that a bit of brainstorming can tell you which way to take and improve the organic search visibility in the year 2014.

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