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SEO Marketing Strategies to look out for in 2015

SEO is a dynamic field. As a result the best practices are ever evolving and 2014 was no exception. 2015, too, is all set to witness new practices. Accordingly the SEO marketing strategy for a business should alter as well. In fact, last year witnessed 13 updates in the Google algorithm. It is expected that the New Year will also be subjected to such changes. But how can a SEO company prepare itself for these alterations? One way is to look out for the latest trends and strategize accordingly.

Here are some of the 2015 SEO trends that should be kept in mind –

Creating and Optimizing Mobile Traffic is Necessary

Handheld devices rule the world. Surveys state that in the last few years the use of mobile devices for accessing internet has increased. In 2015, the numbers are all set to increase. In fact, it was predicted in 2012 that the number of mobile users will surpass that of the desktop users. Google, on the other hand, stresses on the fact that responsive website design is a must for offering impressive user experience. In the recent times it has also gone ahead with the mobile friendly notations that appear next to the websites in the search results

Besides Google, Bing also favors a single responsive URL.

Focus on other Search Engines

Google is the search engine giant and there are no two opinions about it. But this year there are possibilities that the other search engines might hog the limelight as well. Although it is speculated every year that the other search engines might gain prominence but recent developments predict that such a change might be quite visible this year. iOS 8 and OS X have options to switch to the default browsers – from Google to DuckDuckGo.

ROI Mandatory part of SEO Marketing strategy

If a SEO company is still focusing on the keyword rankings then you need a wake up call. The ranking reports can be made to look pretty but that will not determine a pretty ROI. Therefore, your SEO marketing strategy should be focusing on how to gain better return on your investments rather than on PDF reports.

Get Personal

People are increasingly looking forward to build personal relationships. It seems that once more the customers are interested in doing business with people. Hence, the need of the hour is to build personal relationships through a host of tools. Reach out to your present and potential customers to ensure that they connect with your brand and strategies.

Use the Social Media Platforms

Social networking isn’t just for connecting to buddies. The platforms are great mediums to share content for a SEO company. Sign up for the social networking sites and connect with your potential customers. Promote your brand after formulating effective strategies. These platforms are the latest trend and 2015 will surely rely more on them as far as building businesses are concerned. The social media is both a marketing platform and a customer service channel. Through these you can engage with your customers on a personal level. Interacting with the audience is necessary to improve and provide customized services. In this competitive age, it is a must that your services are customized and effective. Besides helping you to generate better sales and leads, it also provides you an opportunity to build a loyal band of followers.

Link Building is Out of Fashion

The new trend is to earn links. The Google algorithm has altered over the years but there is one thing that remains constant even to this day. The inbound links remain one of the most influential authorities when it comes to search engine optimization tactics. This factor will remain constant in 2015 as well. However, the old tricks of building links on blogs that are immaterial will no longer help. Rather it will be more helpful to earn one link on a quality website will prove more fruitful. There are multiple reasons that affect the leads, referral traffic, sales and SEO. Even the branding exposure is largely responsible for deciding about inbound links. Keeping in mind the importance of this factor, it is expected that in 2015 SEO tactics and traditional PR should be working hand-in-hand.

Precise Keywords and Search Phrases are Back

The strategy of targeting broad keywords is no longer feasible. Although there are huge search volumes associated with them but they do not attract targeted keywords. In addition they are quit expensive when it comes to ranking. Hence, the new trick for a SEO company is to focus on the precise keywords. Opt for search phrases and formulate long tail queries. Such search queries help in attracting qualified buyers. Their advantage is that they have less competition. The patterns of the search queries and the purchase habits of the consumers can help in identifying the proper search terms and phrases that the businesses should opt for.

Useful Content

Throughout 2014, the SEO experts have been emphasizing on this. 2015 is all set to implement this with a bang. Google is completely focused on searches that will provide relevant information. In order to get into the list of best search results you will have to abide by the rule. Content is and will remain the ruling factor for your SEO marketing strategy. The content has to be right and factually so.

UX Rules. Include it in SEO marketing strategy

Google has always stressed on the fact that good user experience is a must. In 2015 UX will be considered to determine the search engine rankings. Google’s ethic that a website must be built for the end user and not search engines is something that the SEO people cannot ignore. There are tools like the Google bot that can help you ensure how the site is faring with the end users.

Changes in algorithm are part and parcel of Google’s strategy. It happened in 2014 and it will be repeated this year as well. For companies that are already playing by the rule adapting to these changes would not be that difficult as far as SEO marketing strategy is concerned. But for SEO companies who have chosen the other path, it would be a different SEO game altogether.

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