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SEO Company Creates Site Map for Improving Site Rankings

Site ranking definitely helps a site fare better and this is the reason why services of SEO Company are well sought after by businesses, which have online presence. SEO Company India has cheaper and better reasonable rates of quality SEO services that improve rankings. Some of these are on page SEO strategies and others are off page. Amongst different strategies in practice, setting up a carefully leveled well-structured site map is one. Experts from India are from amongst the huge talent pool found in South East Asia, who has carefully studied and experienced skill of bringing the learned steps into practice.

There two purposes one tries to achieve through a well-structured site map. One is higher ranking and the other viewer satisfaction. The web spiders for search engine have easy access to the pages of site, if proper site is in place. Your site viewers will also able to access each and every page of a site easily with a site map.

Nonetheless, there is a difference in how web spiders and your viewers will access the site. Hence, methods of setting up the site map for these two traffics are dissimilar too.

Small sites usually do not need such SEO services. In such sites, the pages are linked from the main navigation. Other than that when you have sub-navigation menus under the main navigation set up, you should have site map. It is going to help your viewers as well as your site ranking through easy and simple routing of web spiders. Generally, a single site map is developed by experts of SEO Company India. At times, multiple site maps can be created as well, which are separately addressed for the spiders and viewers.

Site Map for Web Spiders :

  • An xml file with corresponding XML document is added, which has links containing all site pages. This reference is
    compiled with the site after referencing it correctly and suitably with all site links. It is then loaded with root directory.
  • After the above steps are completed, the XML site map file that has been created is prepared with suitable on page SEO strategy for successful navigation of web spiders. In this context the XML file is referenced to robots.txt file by incorporating suitable line for the site map.
  • It is crucial to keep on updating site map file time and again. Changes would also need to done when pages are added, removed or altered in any way.
  • For the large sites, experts from SEO Company implements automated site map, which is updated monthly and even weekly as well as daily.

Site Map for the Visitors :

Visitors need a different sort of site map for easy browsing.

  • A site which is designed for visitors has link to site map page and is similar to a normal website page. There are primary
    navigation keys as well as other sub navigational keys of the site. It is not impossible for the visitors to find link without much of searching.
  • A site map is also linked to various site pages within the website. For instance, the site map is linked by the SEO Company with help pages and 404-redirect page. Thus, visitors are able to find page and information quickly with the help of such site map.
  • A visitor’s site map usually also have a small paragraph at the very top of the site giving full overview of site map page.
  • Experts of SEO Company India ensure that site maps have clear layout and clear hierarchal structure in the entire site. Here, sub-headings and headings are very important and should also have properly grouped links. Primarily textual links are present. Images are also arranged in the map in an uncluttered manner favoring proper on page SEO.

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