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How to Promote Your Content to Get More Traffic?

Content marketing strategy is like fighting a battle; you either win or lose it. Whatever be the result, you need to equip yourself before you get into the battlefield of content marketing. Part of this equipping involves forming a firm follower base, which comprises your allies and troops. Planning your write-up strategy in this approach would help you have a competitive advantage over your competitors because some of them focus only on low-quality link building, which only dims their chances of winning the battle.

A popular SEO company India says that the secret to content marketing is basically about three things: creating quality write-up, search engine optimization and proper promotion. It further emphasises that an ideal write-up is that which has been created with the intention of satisfying a user. You may be wondering then, why do you need to market the write-up,. Well, that’s because, you need to make sure that your ‘quality content’ is viewed by your target traffic. Otherwise, it won’t serve its purpose and the effort of developing the same will go to waste.

Content marketing makes sure that your write ups are presented before your target audience. This can be done by signing up for newsletters, developing followers on social networking sites, trying to sell products and services or any other conversion goal that you have set. Given that there are several advertising tactics that can be used by your competitors, developing an effective content marketing strategy often becomes a little complicated.

4 Principles of Content Marketing Strategy

Following these four principles can set you apart from your competitors, thus, can boost your brand experience to your target audience. The principles are:

  • Content optimization
  • Alliance Building
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Content Distribution

Content Optimization

With a piece of write-up, that is not optimized for search engines or the end users, you can never win the battle. The reason behind this is that people won’t be able to view it unless there are certain web elements present on it. Some of which are:

  • Page title: Including target keywords in page title helps improve your site’s performance in search rankings. However, keyword density should not be your motive behind its optimization. Instead, you should ensure that your write-up, matches the keyword that you have targeted.
  • Google+ Authorship: These days Google is favouring sites that have authorship markups on them. This is because, they are more likely to indicate authority and credibility on the web.
  • Internal Linking: Linking to your site’s other pages is a great way to retain users for longer in your site. This is because you are giving them reason enough to stay on your site for longer.
  • Content substance: You should aim at creating useful, relevant and comprehensive write-ups, that users will find useful and interesting enough to share.

Alliance Building

If you are a small brand, winning the battle without content allies can be difficult. Developing an allied force does not only indicate a strong community for your brand, but also help you enhance your write-up’s reach. Each and every share that is made by your ally can go a long way in affecting the performance of your site in the internet. SEO company India is great at forming allies for you. Thus, making sure that your write-ups are shared and viewed.

Here’s how its done:

  • Create a list of mid-level bloggers who are in the same niche as yours, and try to understand how they write their content and interact with their readers, so that you can learn from them.
  • Get in touch with them with the intent of helping them.
  • Continue engaging yourself with bloggers and provide quality content on social networking sites. Promote the write-up of others and say a warm thanks when someone shares your write-up.
  • Include the content asset of other bloggers in your site, like, video, slide presentation, article, etc. Make sure you attribute the creator of the write-up by linking to the external source.
  • Advertise the write-up of other bloggers by creating a newsletter.

You may be wondering where is content promotion in alliance building. Well, it happens through the relationship that you build with other bloggers. They promote you and you promote them, and this circle goes on widening gradually.

Influencer Outreach

It is not easy to reach out to influencers because they usually have their own agenda and get several emails a day. They obviously have spam filters that determine if your email is worth a reply. So, it is quite difficult to get into their radars.

However, before you start putting in your efforts for doing that, determine who are the influencers in your industry. For this, you can take the help of Followerwonk, Gplus Data, group interviews, Twitter lists, etc.

Content Distribution

Last, but not the least, you need to make sure that your write-ups are being regularly posted on the various content distribution channels. This way, it becomes easier for you to make your brand known to your target audience. Here are some channels of content distribution where you can promote and mention your write-up:

  • Interviews

If you have developed authority in your niche, you possibly get quite a few interview requests from bloggers. This is a scenario that you can benefit from. Place a reference of your write-up at an appropriate point in your interview.

  • Online communities

You can take part in high-traffic online communities like forums and blogs where you can make a mention of your write-ups as a resource. However, do not spam each and every blog post on the authority websites, but try to add value to every conversation, so that you can continue getting clicks to your website from blogs where you contribute inputs to.

  • Guest post

This is a great way to distribute your write-ups. Posting quality write-up on someone else’s site and including extracts from that of yours cannot only you get you a link but the traffic of that site too, ultimately boosting your conversion rate.

Online Newsletters

You can get several niche-specific newsletters where you can contribute a content of yours. All that you need to do is get in touch with a newsletter owner. You can use the above-mentioned approaches to add value to the newsletter owners.

SEO Company India says that it is not very difficult to make your content marketing strategy a success, provided you connect with the right people and offer them more value than you get from them.

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  1. Great post, content marketing is very important after the Penguin update. Using social media to promote your content can help.

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