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Onpage Optimization Tutorial 1 – Keyword in Web Page URL

In the previous blog post we mentioned about 15 positive onpage factors that influence the ranking of a website. Let’s discuss about those factors one by one and see how they can help us get better ranking.

If you consult SEO company India you can get your website optimized easily. But there is no harm in learning the topic in details.

Today’s topic is how important it is to have keyword in web page URL. Yes, putting keywords in page URL may help you to secure higher rank. However, if the pages of your website are already ranking well, you may not essentially need to go back and change the URL’s just for the sake of putting keywords there.

But if you are planning to develop a website from scratch, try to put keywords in page URL. Therefore, when you plan to develop a website, it is recommended to have a talk with a professional SEO company in India or anywhere else in the world. SEO services company in India can offer you valuable suggestion that can give your website the desired boost once it goes live.

However, there are some don’ts of this technique, let’s see:

  • Do not look spammy, if using keyword in the web page URL makes sense, then only use it
  • Do not overdo anything
  • Do not create a page just to have keyword in the page URL
  • If it is a keyphrase, use hyphens (-) as separator instead of underscores (_)
  • Don’t make the web page URL too long
  • There is no need to create 2 webpages for ‘seo-company-india’ and ‘india-seo-company’ – order in which you put the words in URL does not make much difference

However, if you are running a dynamic website that fetches data from database based on user’s input then keeping keywords in URL might be a bit difficult. Also, not all CMS would allow you to customize web page URL.

Though there are ways to rewrite web page URL programmatically, do not become obsessed with the topic – putting keywords in URL has some positive effects but that’s not the only factor search engines consider to rank websites. There are many other factors which we will discuss in the coming blog posts.

It is worth mentioning here, that while uploading image, PDF, video or audio files – you can keep keywords in the file name. That will make the files more visible in the search engines and add value to the website.

If you have any suggestion or have any question on this topic, feel free to comment here. We will try to solve your doubts.

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