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Make your Website Mobile Friendly Today – New Google Update is on the Way

Google has recently made an announcement on its official blog through a post that it is going to make two considerable changes with respect to its search algorithm for the purpose of ranking the mobile search results. These changes are basically related to making the ranking algorithm more mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly Factors

The search engine has stated that from April 21, 2015, it will be incorporating mobile friendly factors to its ranking algorithm with respect to the mobile search results. The company has announced that it will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as the ranking signal.

  • This change will basically lead to labelling of a website by the mobile ranking factors of Google as mobile friendly as well as in determining if the site belonging to a SEO company will secure a higher rank with respect to the search results.
  • According to Google, this change in its search algorithms will definitely lead to a major impact on the mobile search results thereby leading to a large effect on all languages across the globe.
  • Google is of the opinion that as a result of this change, it will be easier for the users in getting high quality and relevant search results which will be totally optimised for their mobile devices.

App Indexing

The search engine has implemented certain methods for naturally ranking the mobile apps as well as for participating in app indexing in terms of the signed-in users with respect to mobile search.
Google has of late started using the information from the indexed apps as an important factor in terms of ranking the signed-in users who have already installed the app.
Subsequently, it will select content from the indexed apps more prominently with respect to the search results.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Being mobile friendly is highly important. This makes it extremely important for an SEO company to ensure that the web pages are mobile-friendly. Google even has a tool for this purpose. The tool requires the owner to enter the URL of the website and click the “Analyze” button. In case the website fails the test, the design of the same needs to be reconsidered.
Website owners of an SEO company can make good use of Responsive design for the webpages instead of creating an entirely separate website for the mobile devices. In case one chooses to use WordPress, many themes are available that support responsive design.

  • Google has announced that this new algorithm for mobile search will basically label appropriate websites ‘mobile-friendly’ and will accordingly head for adjusting the rankings.
  • It has also been suggested by the search engine that this change in its search algorithms is potent enough to have considerable impact on the mobile rankings across the world in all languages.
  • Google is highly optimistic with the changes and believes that it will help the users in getting more relevant, accurate and high quality search results which will be well optimized to the mobile devices.

Website owners get seven weeks according to this announcement to ensure that the websites are mobile friendly and thereby protect themselves from affected rankings followed by a potential decline in traffic. With mobile devices getting popular at an incredibly rapid pace, websites will no longer be able to depend on desktop searches to retrieve their mobile reputation for high rankings with these two facets becoming increasingly separate

Higher Rankings

However simply being mobile-friendly will not be enough in terms of getting high page rankings in Google search for any SEO company. The website needs to have high rankings besides being mobile friendly to get highly ranked with respect to the search results as measured by the changed algorithms that Google looks for in the webpages,

  • Website owners can check their websites with the audit tool named SEOprofiler to ensure that Google is able to index all pages of a website.
  • It is recommended to use the Top 10 Optimizer in the SEOprofiler to ensure that the web pages are featured in Google search results with the right keywords.

Google has of late started visibly labelling websites as ‘Mobile Friendly’ in the searches thereby helping the searchers in anticipating more user-friendly and beneficial sites. In case a website has failed to earn this recognition, the Mobile-Friendly Test tool of Google is able to help users in determining the aspects of a website that are regarded as unfriendly towards mobile users. Along with the mobile friendly guidelines of Google, users are able to identify as well as address the issues that are holding back the website from giving out a more mobile friendly user experience.

The changes in Google algorithms that will have effect from 21st of April this year will basically benefit the websites that are mobile friendly. This makes it even more important to make the websites mobile friendly as well as easily accessible for any SEO company.

It is not however the first venture of Google in penalising several websites that have unfriendly features for the mobile users. Way back in 2013, Google had for the very first time introduced a mobile ranking algorithm for demotion that resulted in demoting websites that come with offering a poor user experience on the mobile devices.
The present year, i.e, 2015 is anticipated as the year when desktop searches will be outnumbered by mobile searches thereby making it highly crucial to ensure that the websites are mobile-friendly and of sound benefit to the users.

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