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How to Regain Your Rankings After the Farmer Update

Google’s massive change in its search engine algorithms aimed at pulling down the low-quality content sites from ranking has been a knell to content firms across the world. Those who thought hoodwinking Google’s search engine optimization algorithm is easy are now grappling together to evolve out strategies to address the problems. While Google has carried out what is called farmer Update to improve its query results, the move has left sites using other’s contents clambering up. In the same vein the update has negatively impacted the rankings of some other websites that use low-value add for users.

Now the one thing the affected content firms are occupied with is how to get back the ranking in Google and what strategies might be resorted to address the issues and retrieve their respective traffic. Online forums have introduced new threads on the problem and been holding discussion among webmasters as to how can the problems be fixed. Not only Webmasters but SEO gurus as well are participating in the hot discussion and exchanging tips and strategies for rank recovery.

What it means: But the crux of the matter is very discouraging as the retrieving the ranking in the near future will be next to impossible. If Google manages the filter the copied content that pushed your site up the SERP, it might take time and sweat to restore the position. However, wise people say doing something is better than doing nothing. Webmasters also think something similar. Let’s see what ways they think will be proper at present.

What to do: According to Webmasters and SEO companies, the first thing to look at is how much the ranking of your site has been affected and to figure out the elements in your site that have triggered the fall. You can determine theses facts about your content and organic traffic from the reports of Google Analytics. Another important fact about the rank loss is that poor-quality content on the pages in one part of a site can affect the ranking of the overall site.

If you find the drop in traffic to be huge blow, you need to go a whole hog to repair the website. But if you find that the loss to be much less, you can rejoice as it indicates that Google has filtered your content and polish your content footprint in its index.

As said earlier, forum members are discussing different tips on what can be done to get back the old ranking SEO results. While some of the options are simply unacceptable, some really sounds meaningful. However, have a brief look of what they suggest.

  • Bring changes first in those pages that have been worst affected. It will be better to get rid of them if there.
  • Using Meta Robots noindex can be an option.
  • Instead of deleting the pages permanently, you can immediately work on improving the content of the pages.
  • Unload the site of excessive internal links.
  • Make sure the ad pages contain original and unique content.
  • Unnecessary pagination should be avoided.On the plagiarized pages, rel=”canonical” attribute can be used for some positive effect.
  • Discard the elements that you feel are junk and do not carry much weightage.

While these tips have been provided by the SEO gurus from their experience and observation, there is no definite way to address the issue. However, if you can afford, you may as well wait till Google makes any useful announcement about farmer updating.

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