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How is Schema Influencing Present SERPs?

Being a significant part of the web semantics revolution, schema has improved the way web search works. With it, you can have an improved search quality and find a better way to look for information in the internet. The semantic web, in itself, is a fresh way to look at content with the use of code tags in a way that the search engines (SE) can understand. A good SEO company surely knows how to make the best of this new development.

Semantic Web provides a contextual link between the content and publisher intent by tagging on-page content with the identifiers of content. With this link, SE’s can provide even more exact, precise and quality content to web users.


This is a markup language that can go a long way in increasing the chances of being listed in SE result pages, providing richer search results and potentially increasing organic traffic by almost 20 to 30%.

How can Schema help?

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language, the main markup language in which websites are displayed, often proves to be difficult to be read by the SEs. This is because most websites, especially the e-commerce ones, are based on information that is pulled from some offline database. And this information needs to be translated into HTML for getting displayed in web browsers.

With this markup language, you can label or mark a site’s HTML code so that the popular SEs can have a better choice at understanding the meaning of your website’s content.

Without these marks, HTML codes can look indistinguishable in the eyes of a search engine. For instance, your webpage may have a short story, a list of upcoming conferences, a client testimonial and store location etc. and the HTML codes of all these can look similar.

This markup language helps search engines understand what exactly is there on a web page. It gives the SEs hints about what your site is all about. Hence, going to a professional SEO company to get Schema added to your site can actually be a great idea.

How can Schema help search engines?

It labels the various HTML codes of your site so that SE’s can find it easy to understand the arrangement and structure of the databases and information in them. This way, SE’s can better understand your site, and consequently rank it better in the SERPs.

How can Schema help web users?

Simply by helping them get more relevant information which would, otherwise, have been quite hard to find.

Why should you use Schema for your site?
  • It gives you better ranks; therefore, helps you get closer to your audience or potential customers.
  • It helps the SEs evaluate your content and understand your website better.
  • SEs like Google uses the markup language for generating quality snippets which include ratings, prices, reviews, events etc.
  • Schema reduces bounce rate by displaying information that is relevant to search strings.
  • Schema helps you stay ahead of your competitors by having greater chances of showing up in search results and offering a richer user experience.

Get in touch with a SEO company and get Schema incorporated into your site for enjoying better ranks in search engines.



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