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How Google is Ditching Users Showing Irrelevant Search Results Consistently

Every time Google comes up with a new update, the world of SEO gets affected significantly. Though the search engine giant claims to roll out these updates in order to improve the search experience of users, it is not always true. Case in point is the brand new update namely Penguin 2.1 which was announced on 4th October by Matt Cutts and was assumed to affect around one percent of search. However, contrary to expectations, this update has had destructive effects for many webmasters.

A simple example would prove the point quite clearly. If you had to hire the services of a content writing company and wanted to take the help of Google search engine to find a suitable service provider, what would you do? You would possibly type in the search box as ‘content writing India‘ and then go through the sites that come up in the results, right? But, what if the search results do not show any company website but social media profiles of freelance writers and start-up companies? It may come as a surprise to you but this is exactly how Google has been ditching users, showing irrelevant search results consistently, ever since the new update was unleashed into the web market.

Clueless Results: 

Webmasters and SEO company professionals alike are clueless about the real intentions of Google behind incorporating this new change in the form of Penguin 2.1, which created quite a lot of destruction. In fact, the new algorithm completely obliterated many sites.

The main issue with this update and the subsequent problem mentioned above (through the example of ‘content writing India’) is that it is making life difficult for both website owners and end-users. The main goal of Penguin has always been to remove sites that have spammy links. Google has always stressed on the significance of high quality links and we too have accepted its dictates till now because they were always targeted at improving the search experience of web users.

Different Scenario on Search Results:

However, this time, the scenario is totally different. As a website owner, even if you follow the rules laid down by Google and practice ethical practises as followed by professional SEO company, you still may not figure in the search results. This is utterly shocking because how can you expect to do business when you cannot be visible to your target customers?

It is equally problematic for web users to locate a credible service provider for any job such as content writing India. Now, it is a known fact that Google is the first and often the only search engine people go to in order to find information or look for anything online. Several surveys show that Google is chosen by as many as 83 percent of net users as their choicest search engine. Above 100 billion searches are handled by Google per month, for which it sorts through a staggering 60 trillion web addresses for finding answers to your queries in less than a second. In such a scenario, Google’s new stance is indeed quite baffling.

We can only hope that the search engine we all bank on to find any information will not disappoint us and make amends soon.

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