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Not All Links Are Good: 5 Link-Building Techniques That Can Be Harmful For Your Website

Do you want to attract traffic to your website? Do you think manual link-building is a useful technique to get your business on the forefront? Well, lately a lot of controversial comments regarding link-building practices are doing the rounds. In the event that you want your website to attain high traffic through links, it is the time you hire one of the most efficient SEO companies. Today, we are going to delve into link creating techniques that a good SEO company avoids.

Many SEO analysts believe that manual link-building should now take a back seat. Several websites have been penalized by Google for creating links through a short-cut. The idea is not to altogether stop link-building, but to do it in a more natural way. The question is how?

Here is the mantra you have been yearning to know in order to earn good links.

Give your readers content worth sharing. This means that the content should be helpful and answer a reader’s queries. It should be easily understood by the reader and most importantly, the content should be original and not copy pasted. What’s the use in offering copy pasted solution, if you are promising something different to your readers?

Let us now, look at the short-cut tactics that are better avoided.

# The link connects to out of context website content

Google’s current search algorithm supports the importance of context in link-building. So, irrelevant content is a complete no-no.

Even a sixteen year old can build a link, which points to your site. But, you need more knowledge than that of a sixteen year old to bring traffic to your website.

SEO companies with experienced professionals can build links that point to useful content in your site. The link should also be connected to your website content. For instance, a link about interesting ways to enjoy Christmas can point to your website if you offer luxury condos.

# Linking through blog comments

Commenting on blogs is a popular technique of link-building. The simple argument in favor such an action is that since the blogger approves a comment and the link inside before publishing it, the comment has editorial value.

However, this is not always an intelligent step to take because the majority of the blog comments belong to no-follow zone. This is the very reason comments are not penalized, even if blog comments are repeatedly linked to a website.

But, in essence linking through blog comments is nothing but a waste of time.

# The link is on a domain with almost no authority

If you link high authority sites to your website, Google will not question your authority. Professionals in SEO companies link with reputable sites. This saves your site from suffering low organic search visibility.

But, the good thing is that only blacklisted pages or spam sites fall under the purview of low authority or disreputable domains. So, you can rest assured unless a teenager is handling your SEO needs.

# Linking unethically through guest post

Guest posts are interesting and informative pieces of content. But, simple tricks to get traffic can lead to negative results. For instance, a beauty clinic link is seen on a bookkeeping guest post. Don’t ask me why. I am at a loss.

Efficient and reliable SEO companies use guest blogs in ethical ways. They link guest blogs to relevant sites. Linking a guest post about electronic toys to your gift website is a good idea. Such ethical practice is appreciated by Google.

Using long tail keywords in guest posts simply in order to obtain search engine rank is something Google dislikes. Such keywords hardly carry any meaning and can cause a guest post to be ignored by readers. Another important aspect while optimizing a site is the importance of useful and original content in the post. Unless, your business comes up with a solution to your readers’ problems or is original to the core, you better not try building links through them.

# Opting for paid and reciprocal link

Do you intend to advertise your site through paid links? Great! Do not allow the links to be followed and you have nothing to worry about. But, if you try to get search engine rank through paid links, Google may crack down on your site.

Payment for links is not always a financial transaction. It may also refer to the exchange of links between two websites. Say, you have two websites catering to different product ranges. You try to act smart and decide to exchange links thinking that both the domains can get a traffic boost.

End result; Google notices the traded links and assess their frequency. If it notices that numerous links have traded between two specific sources, you are bound to draw flak.

Do you want your website to rank high in search engine results? Hire one of the most reliable SEO companies to gain rank with ethical and smart link-building techniques. Let us know about the changes you observe. Till then, goodbye!

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