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Guest blogging is Far from Dead: Its Alive and Kicking

Matt Cutts, head of webspam in Google, created quite a stir with his comment of ‘guest blogging is dead’. For an India SEO company such a comment amounted to disaster. The statement of Cutts was grossly misinterpreted which actually meant to state that blogging as technique is dead if the primary reason for posting them was gaining back links and trying to influence Google for improving rank. Guest blogging should instead be used for branding a commodity or service, increasing its reach, and greater exposure.

Being Conventional in Approach

Guest blogging Matt Cutts should be continued with conventional ideas of market penetration and brand building and not just as a tool to create back links. In an effort to create back links, SEO companies are only being successful in introducing spam into these contents. Such contents are the chief cause of worry for search engine optimizers. Blogs need to be created with the purpose of offering something worthwhile for visitors or readers. They should be informative and interesting, keeping readers’ viewpoints into consideration. Any attempts at making a blog manipulative by insertion of too many back links only for the sake of optimization would result in penalization and degradation. Thus your entire approach should be conventional: contents restricted to offering information to readers and written in a captivating manner.

Selection of Bloggers

For getting blogs that are original and informative it is essential to pick enthusiast writers. It is worthwhile to spend time looking for good writers. Time spent on choosing writers is actually an investment and should be treated likewise. Emphasis should always be on hand-picking blog writers. Ideally people with creative ideas and an inherent interest of current happenings turn out to be good bloggers. It is further necessary, that a blogger is personally known. Once these areas of specialty or strength are identified, assignments could be distributed accordingly. Quality of contents of a natural and spontaneous writer would definitely be more fascinating than an amateur. As quality is a vital issue for any web content, sufficient research should be conducted on authenticity and grip of any new content by these writers.

Bloggers should also be selected depending on their popularity. There are certain names that are capable of creating sufficient interest among online readers. Guest blogging Matt Cutts aims at choosing writers that are easily recognizable. For instance it would be perfect to choose a renowned footballer to write blogs on the imminent World Cup Football, or an Oscar winner to write on Cannes Film Festival. Hiring an expert for covering events or offering opinions is a good investment and must always be focused on. It could be assumed that comments or observations of a celebrity would be read.

Getting a blog read is the primary concern of a website owner, and he or she must ensure that money spent on creating a website or guest post site is never wasted. Experts are expected to offer a more informative and ingenious account of any event or concept than a layman or inexperienced writer.

Level of Comfort

While selecting a blogger it is essential to judge the level of comfort. Like any work environment or platform it is vital that a subject, in this case a writer, is totally comfortable with his working ambiance. For a writer, this comfort level is contributed by areas of research, their sources, and the ease of accessing these sources. Level of comfort also relates to subject matter of blog. As a blog writer you should always attempt subject matters that generate interest. Attempting subject areas of non-interest is a futile exercise and must always be avoided.

A close bonding must also exist between a blogger and web designer as it is the latter’s responsibility to upload a blog on the internet.

Relevance of a Blog

An Indian SEO Company should use or appoint writers who not only have original ideas and are imaginative, but also create content that are relevant and appealing to readers of current generation. For a blogger it is crucial to create a matter with which readers could relate themselves. Irrespective of the contents of any article, it needs to generate enough curiosity in readers’ minds. Blogs on relevant subjects are certain to generate enough enthusiasm in viewers’ minds. Insertion of facts and figures is an excellent way of making a blog post more readable.

A blog should convey one idea at a time, and not a handful of them. In this way they lose focus and the entire effort of blog creation goes to waste. Non-focused articles lose their relevance to online viewers and ultimately lose their traffic. These pages also go down in search engine rankings.

Economic Considerations

It must be remembered, that an India SEO company is wary about its ROI (return on investment) on web page investments. The best way to ensure this is to keep a web page perpetually at a high ranked position. Insertion of back links alone is not enough to assure a high rank for a web page. A search engine is putting in immense importance to the actual contents of an online page. It is always advisable to create a web content that is rich in information and easy to read. A well acquainted personality with effective writing skill are the most worth candidates for scripting such web pages.

It needs to be remembered, that the internet marketing is an avenue of business and inviting guest blogs is a tool of generating more response and creating greater awareness about any commodity or service. In this age of globalization and trans-world marketing it is necessary to have an online presence. As there are several options of any search, it is crucial to always stay near the top for getting a continuous flow of online visitors. As blogs are a way of inviting new viewers, efforts should continually be made an India SEO company to have increased number of authentic guest posts written for a particular site. Only a continuous flow of visitors substantiates money spent on creating and designing an optimized on line content.

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