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Guess the Winner of FIFA World Cup 2014 and Get Exciting Prize

FIFA World Cup 2014 is going through a crucial stage right now and the excitement among the football fans all over the world is reaching a new high. Some of the heavyweight European nations have already said goodbye, even before the Round of 16. The tournament is going to reach the knock-out stage in a couple of days and we may see a few more surprising wins and losses next week. The Brazil World Cup 2014 is proving to be the most unpredictable tournament ever. Who could have guessed that European powerhouses like England, Spain, Portugal and Italy won’t be able to qualify for the Round of 16?

However, you have to accept that the unpredictable nature of this tournament made it so popular among the billions of fans all over the world. At Indian SEO Company, we are also very excited about World Cup and thought that this is a great time to start a World Cup Winner poll.

Different people support different teams and now we are giving you an opportunity to guess the team that will win the World Cup 2014.

What do you need to do? Pretty simple!

Step 1: See the name of the teams with radio buttons below? Click on the radio button of the team you support.

Step 2: Write the name of your favorite team in the “comment” section. Don’t forget to include your name and email address :)

We will make a list of the people who will predict the right team and select one Grand Winner randomly. The Grand Winner will receive $200 worth of website consultation for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Start voting immediately!

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  1. My no 8087310329,my name is shaikh zeeshan,state-maharashtra,city-Parbhani,brazil will be win.

  2. Brazil win this champion.

  3. yea

  4. Brazil will win

  5. Netherlands will win this Champion!

  6. Brazil – 1 – Germany – 7 – so who will win the World Cup 2014?

  7. I think Argentine will win the FIFA World Cup 2014.

  8. I am a great supporter of Germany and this time Germany will win the FIFA World Cup 2014.

  9. I am great a great supporter of Germany (I am very speech less about Germany how they play so fantastic player )

  10. Yes I am a great supporter of Germany for me no need to explain last semi match Germany defeated Brazil in a fantastic playedayed

  11. For me no need to explain its German

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