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How to Save Your Site from Google’s Next Penguin Update?

Do you think Google’s Penguin updates can hamper the ranking of your site? Hire an efficient India SEO company, if you want to save your website from an impending Google penalty. This blog tells you how to protect your site from being de-indexed by Google.

Identifying Bad Links

  1. Check your Link Profile Regularly

In case you are wondering how to identify bad links, you should track your link profile on a regular basis. You may think that since, you have never indulged in link building practices; your website does not have a single bad link. You never know; some low quality links may have attached themselves to your website. The SEO professional reviews the links and tries to identify the link quality. If he or she frequently comes across low quality links, it is time to change the link building strategy adopted for your business.

  1. Decide if the Links are Really Bad

When the expert at the India SEO company has spotted the bad links to your website, you might feel like removing them as quickly as possible. However, you need to decide if the links need to be removed or not. An SEO expert can judge the link by doing the following. Removing a link at the spur of the moment is a bad idea because you might as well remove a link which is helping you.

  • Checks the status of the link on Google. Higher the Page Rank (PR) better is the quality of domains. A domain with several links directing to your website, but with no PR, has undoubtedly been penalized by Google.
  • Looks for blog comments which consist of spammy link
  • Identifies links of spun articles
  • Verifies keywords and anchor texts. If the anchor text of the link pointing to your site is full of keywords, SEO experts can say that text can be penalized by Google. The content of the anchor text should contain neutral phrases such as “for details, click here.”
  • Spots site-wide links and try to assess, if they are harmful to your site.
  • A professional at the Indian SEO company can identify the country from where the links are coming. The links to your site should logically come from countries you are targeting. On the other hand, links that come from countries where you are not targeting your business are bad links. For instance, you are targeting your business to clients in Europe, but the SEO expert spots links from USA. So, the links from USA can be considered bad links.

Removing the Bad Links

  1. Keep a Tab of the Links you want Removed

The SEO professional tracks the links he or she considers really bad for your site.

  1. Request the Site Owner to Remove the Links

Once the SEO professional spots the harmful links to your site, he or she uses software to find out the contact derails of the site owner linking to your site. The expert contacts the site owner and requests him or her to remove the links from your profile. In case, the site owner of the irrelevant site does not remove the links, the expert contacts him or her again. When the SEO expert communicates with the site owner, he or she mentions the pages, on which the URL was found and gives the link to the owner of the site.

  1. Remove the unwanted links by implementing Google’s Disavow

It is necessary to conduct a thorough research to assess the quality of the link and the site. The SEO expert makes sure that all the links in a domain are useless. If even one link turns out to be helpful, he or she cannot disavow the entire domain. There are software that facilitate quick disavowing of links adding the URLS to the disavow list. The expert can save the save the URLs and upload them on the list of Google Disavow.

The SEO professional accesses the Disavow Tool by logging into Google Webmasters. At the Disavow Tool Page, the expert creates a text file and stores the URLS he or she deems harmful for the site. However, using the Disavow Tool is the last resort for an SEO expert. Google considers the tool as a request to remove the links. There is no guarantee that all the bad links are going to be removed from your link profile.

These were some unique ways to identify and remove bad links from your website before the next Penguin update hits your site. Approach an efficient SEO company. Experts at the India SEO company use these methods to help you avoid being penalized by Google.

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