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How SEO Experts Can Utilize Knowledge Graph for Search Engine Optimization

You must have heard the old proverb, “knowledge is power”. Google released the knowledge graph last year in May and since then it changed the concept of SERP ranking dramatically though silently. If you work in SEO companies India, you must be aware of Google’s Knowledge Graph and craft your optimization strategies accordingly.

 For the past couple of years, we have heard about semantic web. Semantic web can understand the difference between words with two different meanings. Google is the pioneer of semantic web and the search engine giant released the Knowledge Graph to make web more sensible.

What is knowledge graph? – It’s basically a knowledge base that contains more than 570 million objects and 18 billion facts. That is an astonishing amount of data. Since birth, search engines have gone through radical changes and the new ability to detect the different meaning of two words is very impressive. Besides, the Knowledge Graph helps Google provide a sidebar with relevant information regarding a keyword.

 Google now matches related information from important sources to provide the exact data you are looking for. For instance, if you search for “Leonardo Da Vinci”, you will find his short bio at the right sidebar with photographs of his famous paintings and other famous painters of Renaissance era.

 On the other hand, if you search for a keyword that may have more than one meaning, Google will try to provide the most relevant result first. For example, if you search for “Anonymous”, you will find information about the world’s most powerful hacker group along with a movie with the same name. However, since the hacker group is more important and searched, it gives more prominence to them.

Benefit of Knowledge Graph – Since this efficient system cancels the noise created by results for words with different meanings, web advertisers consider it as a boon. You don’t have to compete with irrelevant search results. As Google now understands what people are searching for, fewer sites can outrank your brand. For instance, there can be someone named “Adi Das” somewhere in the world but when you search for those two words, Google automatically joins them and shows only results related to the “Adidas” brand.

 The most interesting thing is that Knowledge Graph can be manipulated by modifying the information sources.

How can I manipulate it?Knowledge Graph is powered by Wikipedia, Freebase and the CIA World Factbook. It gathers information from these sources and an intelligent search engine optimizer working in SEO companies India can exploit some of these sources to secure top page ranks and increase brand reputation. You can’t penetrate CIA World Factbook but other sources are vulnerable. For instance, if you create a Wikipedia page about your company, Google will immediately notice it and feature it in sidebar. On the contrary, if you already have a Wikipedia page and want to get rid of any negative publicity that is troubling your brand, you can modify the information by choosing the “edit” option in Wikipedia and drag viewers’ attention to the positive data.

 What are the other benefits?– Content writers often create two or three separate pages for the almost same keywords (example – web design and website design) to rank higher on search engines but recently Panda started to mark such pages as spams and punished several sites. However, as Knowledge Graph makes connections between semantically related keywords, it helps your site rank higher for multiple keywords and also saves it from the wrath of Panda updates.

 People working in SEO Companies India should always stay updated about the latest improvements made by Google to improvise their optimization techniques. Knowledge Graph is here and the sooner you start taking the advantage of this facility, the better ranks you may secure on SERPs.

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