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Google Author Rank 2013 – A Guideline for Search Engine Optimization

Google has come up with a ranking system that is somewhat identical to Google Page Rank in a bid to improve their services. This feature is used to prioritize sites on the internet and avoid clutter. A High Google Page Rank would therefore mean a more valuable site. This also enables the search engine to return quality search results. An SEO company now has to also take this into account while noting factors that improve search ranking.

This system values not only content but also authors who pen them. The advent of Google Plus has made it possible to identify people authoring web pages so that writers can be positioned based on the quality of their content. Therefore, in order to attain a high rank, the content should be of high quality. Now, essentially, better quality would affect search results and, in turn, would mean better ranking.

This new ranking system, which is not an algorithm update like Penguin or Panda, will be in use from 2013. An advantage of this new system is that it would work on the lines of Page Rank – a webpage with a better author rank would get more visibility. The status, search results and ranking of any website would remain unaffected. Social Sharing would play an important part over here as Google assumes that a better social circle means a better writer.

One must keep in mind that Author Rank is only one of the many factors that affect the ranking of a site. It is only one amongst two hundred plus criteria which are used. An SEO company must keep certain things in mind –

Engaging in Google Plus Circles – If an author is a part of quite a lot of Google circles, the chances of obtaining a higher rank is quite increased. Therefore, it is advisable that an author engages in such circles.

Volume of Content Shared – The more a certain writer’s content is shared, the better are the chances of him getting noticed.

Connecting with High Ranking Authors – If one connects with authors who enjoy a high rank in Google Plus, he too can expect a satisfactory position for himself.

Comments on Content – A person whose pieces are commented upon quite frequently and in large number is an indication that his/ her articles are high on interest value and extremely readable. This factor can definitely influence the ranking.

Youtube popularity – Youtube is a popular medium for uploading interesting videos and generating publicity thereby. A large subscriber base in this medium will help improve one’s standing.

Other Networking Sites – Apart from the usual websites, it is important that an active presence be made on social networking sites like Facebook

Once the Google Author Rank is implemented, likely to be done in 2013, it would come as a relief to quite a number of people. An SEO company must keep in mind that merely copy pasting will not do any more  Quality is of prime importance and that would become a prime factor now.

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  1. That’s great!! Truly helpful tips you have shared with us..

  2. Hi,
    This is really a great attempt made by Google to identify those writers who are capable of delivering high quality contents.

  3. The points you have highlighted for enhancing Author rank is really useful. I have started implementing it.

  4. I do agree with you. Connecting with high rank authors will surely improve your Google Author Rank .

  5. Hi,
    It seems to be a great concept introduced by Google. It helps the content writers to get proper recognition for their works.

  6. I not familiar with Google Author Rank, but your post clear my views regarding it.

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