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Give your Content a High Ranking with LSI Keywords

Do you have a strong belief that stuffing your web content with as much as keywords will get it a high ranking on search engine? Well, you have to drive away this wrong notion as soon as possible. Excessive usage of keywords makes content sound artificial. Readers find it extremely annoying to go through a piece where keywords pop up in every five or six lines. Although keywords are necessary to make an article visible on the web, going overboard with them is one of the worst mistakes you can commit to spoil your content.2 to 3 percent of keyword density should be maintained in order to give a content a good ranking. Talking about ranking of content, you must be aware of the fact that according to the recent trends, every SEO Company in India is focusing on LSI, also called long-tail keywords instead of small phrase ones to rank content higher on search engine.

LSI Keywords – A Brief Description

The full form of LSI is latent semantic index. As already stated in previous paragraph, it is also called long-tail or long-phrase keywords. In simplest terms, LSI refers to the identification of plurals and synonyms to the main keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specific and search-engine friendly. It is important to make an article lucid and sound natural. The inclusion of LSI keywords lends a natural tone to an article since they are more specific and relevant. Every search engine evaluates content and seeks for other words relevant to the main keywords present in the content. This relevancy makes content visible. If you use LSI, you will be in an advantageous position when it comes to getting your content a decent rank on search engines.

Why should you use LSI keywords?

Whether it is website content, an article, a blog post or even a whitepaper, use of long-tail keywords can benefit you in various ways. Following are the reasons why you should include them in your content.

To steer clear of penalties – With the release of Panda algorithm, many websites got a tight slap from Google because they were spamming the search engine low-quality content stuffed with irrelevant keywords. The use of LSI keywords makes sure that your content is not stuffed with keywords since you do not need to repeat long-tail keywords in the same format several times. Instead of repeating keywords, you need to insert relevant words to the primary keywords to make sure readers earn impressive search results for explicit questions.

To target more keywords – When you are using LSI keywords, you can target several keywords. You can use long-tail keywords in different ways multiple times keeping in mind their relevancy to the content. With long-phrase keywords, you have the option to be innovative and unique which will in turn, give your competitors a run for their money.

To hold reader’s interest – When a reader relates to your content, finds it thoroughly interesting to go through the entire content and finally thinks of trying out the brand you have promoted through your writing, you are successful as a web content writer. Along with your writing skills, there is one thing that will make your content an engaging read. It is long-phrase keywords that allow you to put the primary keyword in different ways. This helps to hold the attention of the readers.

To achieve a good ranking – Last but not the least, and already mentioned a couple of times, LSI keywords are a powerful weapon for obtaining an envious ranking on a search engine. Search engines use LSI as an evaluator in order to check the quality of content. If your content maintains the right keyword density and features multiple variations of long-tail keywords, you can have a peace of mind that your content has the capacity to get a good rank.

How to choose best LSI keywords?

You can come across the most competitive, popular and relevant long-phrase keywords with the following tools. You may contact an SEO Company in India to perform this work for you.

Google Keyword Planner – When you log in, you will get an option “search for new keyword and ad group ideas”. You need to select this option and insert your keywords under the search bar that reads “your product or service”. After that click on “get ideas”. You will also see the second tab “keyword ideas” selecting which you will get a list of LSI keywords with their average cost per click and competitiveness on a monthly basis.

Google Search Suggestions and Results – This is the easiest and also considered the best tool to discover relevant long-tail keywords. Open in your browser and type your main keywords in the search box and do not press enter. You will see a list of more queries that may come to your help as LSI keywords.

Related Searches – Google as well as other search engines feature a section right at the bottom of the search results page. Here a user gets several search suggestions. These suggestions can be utilised as LSI variations of your primary keywords. Remember that these phrases are search engine friendly. Enter a keyword and you will fetch a minimum of eight such key-phrases in that section.

Apart from these three free tools, you can also take advantage of the paid tools. When you are using them, make sure to go for a free trial at first and then, decide to purchase the paid-version.

With this tricks and tools, you can make the most of LSI keywords and help your content rank higher. It is worth mentioning that not everyone is adept with the ins and outs of search engine optimisation (SEO). For non-SEO professionals, it is a bit difficult to apply the aforementioned tricks and tools. If this is the case with you, you can consult an SEO Company in India to perform this important task efficiently. Make sure that the company is experienced and reputed.

Wishing you all the best for your success!

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