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3 Free SEO Tools that Help Audit and Troubleshoot Onsite Issues

The whole concept of SEO has undergone huge changes over the last few years. It is quite evident that without proper search engine optimization services, no website can expect to have the desired traffic. So, proper SEO is absolutely necessary if the website is interested in getting the expected exposure. With the services of a modern SEO company, it is possible for any organization to increase the visibility of its website on the internet. That is why a large number of organizations across the globe take resort to these companies in order to gain proper visibility and prominence online. There are many SEO tools available nowadays that are designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the SEO services. These tools are perfect for small and medium scale enterprises that do not have the capability to allocate a big sum of money for utilizing professional SEO services. The most striking feature of these tools is that most of them are available free of cost.

Google Webmaster Tools

This tool developed by Google provides a reliable way of detecting the problem in case of sudden loss of traffic and also helps users get an idea
about the probable solutions. Google Webmaster Tools is an asset to all SEO experts as it helps users have a detailed look at the overall health of the website, thereby pointing out the exact issues that may be responsible for negatively affecting the organic search health of the website. One can easily start using this tool by signing in and verifying the ownership of the website. Verification can be done in two ways— the user can either add a verification file to the server of the website or the user can sign in to the website’s domain name provider. It can also be used by a SEO company in order to detect problems with websites.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the latest innovations that help organizations and individuals make the best possible use of SEO services. It is a desktop
program that can help a person run his own crawl of the site in order to determine the real problem. When a website is crawled with Screaming Frog, it returns a huge amount of data and is also capable of identifying broken links, duplicate content and server errors that may, sometimes, go unnoticed by other tools. Once the tool is downloaded, users can just enter the URL of the Homepage and run the tool in order to detect the problems. The results are displayed in two tabs— the Internal tab and External tab. This tool also acts as a preventive measure and can be properly used upon websites that do not have much performance problems in order to ensure they continue to perform well for long.


What sets BrowSEO apart from other tools is that it enables users to see the
websites just as search engines do. It has been seen that, in many cases,

websites containing huge information for viewers are not visible to search engines and hence, are never given credit by them. Using BrowSEO is not that hard. The URL of the website needs to be put in the tool and a click on the “Browse” button would return results that can help a SEO company understand the problems with the website.

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