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How to Create High Quality Backlinks for Your Website Naturally?

The fact that the only way to take your website up in Google rankings is to build quality backlinks is no news now. But, you may be wondering “how to create backlinks for my website without resorting to guest posts or some other kind of exchange?” Well, do not worry; you still can get authoritative sites linking to you. Here‘s how.
I would like to begin the discussion with a new kind of method of link building, which is being called The Moving Man Method; and it is producing quality results.

Thinking “how to create backlinks for my website”? Go The Moving Man Method way

It comprises 3 simple steps:

  • Finding resources or sites that have changed names, moved to a new domain or have shut down.
  • Finding site linking to the old page.
  • Giving them a heads up about their outdated link.

Now I will be elaborating on the steps.
Step 1: Find outdates sites
Under this you will have to find sites in your industry that have:

  • Changed the names of their sites
  • Migrated to a new URL
  • Stopped updated a resource
  • Stopped offering a service
  • Closed operations

How to find Moving Man Opportunities?

  • Keep an eye on the popular websites, so that you get to know when they rebrand.
    Ask any SEO company and it will tell you that there are dozens of businesses that rebrand or change their names every single day. For this you can keep an eye on the press release sites, as businesses generally announce their name change in these websites. Besides, you can also check Google News. All that you need to do is type “rebrands as” and search in Google News. You will find several businesses that have recently rebranded or have moved to a new URL.
  • Use search strings to find out site features that does not exist anymore
    Businesses often shut down a feature or another in their site, like Google did with Google Reader. Many of the features that businesses eliminate happen to be one of their most popular features; which means they surely have a lot of backlinks from the parent sites. But instead of deleting these pages, the parent sites tend of set up a page called ‘service no longer available’. Hence, you can search for them if you want!
    You can type “service not available” or “page no longer exists” or “ service no longer available” on Google to find these pages. You can get the best SEO value out of these outsourced resources.

Step 2: Find websites linking to the old resource
Now that you have found a website that recently rebranded or a website feature that no longer exists, it is time for you to find backlinks pointing to that page.
Simply grab the URL of the outdated resource and put it into a backlink checking tool that you like.

Step 3: Reach out and get your links
This is your last step. You need to get in touch with the people who are still linked to outdated resource; give them an alert about the link and gently tell them that you are willing replace that outdated link with yours. They are likely to accept your proposal as having an outdated link in one’s site is not a good thing to do.
So, if you are thinking “how to create backlinks for my website”, go ‘The Moving Man Method’ way; you will surely succeed in link building.

Video Submission
If you happen to have video content, make sure that you are making the best use of it by placing your website links in it. You can add the link in the description of the video. This is a very healthy way to create backlinks for your business website.

Infographic Submission
If you have created an infographic, do not delay but submit it immediately to any of the infographic blogs or directories. Good infographics can help you with creating quality backlinks for your site. Besides, with this you can also provide value to the site that is publishing your infographic.

Guest Posting
Guest blogging for reputable sites in your industry can be a great way to create backlinks. However, given the fact that Google’s Matt Cutts has asked to stop guest posting for SEO, guest blogging must be done with much discernment. When you write for a site, do not just do it for the purpose getting a link. This method has been much abused lately.

If you are pondering on “how to create backlinks for my website”, here are some tips guest posting, which helps backlink creation:

  • Do not look for sites that have a section called “write for us”. Instead, look for the ones that do not, because best websites do not have this feature.
  • Write more than once for a site. Otherwise, it becomes obvious that you are writing for creating backlinks.
  • No-follow links can be great; not for the purpose of SEO but for driving more traffic and getting more followers on social media.
  • Make sure that you link to social media accounts in the author’s bio section of articles.

Other methods
Just like people are connected through relationships, families, organisations and schools, the internet is connected through links. If you think links are only a clickable text, I am afraid you are wrong. A link tells search engines how pages are connected and which pages are the most popular.
If you are still thinking “how to create backlinks for my website”, then let me tell you that you can do so through other methods. Following are some strategies that any SEO company uses for backlink generation:

  • Email, news, updates and press releases
    Increasing your inbound should not be your prime focus but a by-product of developing quality products, unique brands and establishing yourself as the authority in your industry. Sharing stories, news, videos, images, etc. on your site increases your opportunities of acquiring natural links to a great extent.
  • Check your business on Google Places
    Verifying your business on Google Places increases the chances of your link to be shared by the users.
  • Create shareable content
    With blogs you can not only tell your business story but earn links naturally as well. Blogs written in a natural tone are more likely to get shared. However, make sure that the content in it is informative and relevant.

To wrap it up, it can be said that creating backlinks to your site must be done with utmost knowledge and caution. Make it a point to monitor each and every backlink that you create and verify if it holds enough SEO value or not. Also do not place backlinks in pages where you do not have any kind of control; because the last thing you want is tons of backlinks that you cannot remove.

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