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Boost Local Search Rankings with These Steps

If you are worried about your low local search rankings, I presume you have been leaving out on the right and effective ways to fetch good ranks. In order to drive out your worries and see your business soar high on local search ranking lists, at first you need to be aware of the key local search ranking factors. Only after gathering knowledge about them, you will be able to perform the steps that this article will tell you to improve local search rankings. Here, I would like to mention that in case you are not convinced about your proficiency in doing the job on your own, you should take professional help. There are many SEO services India and you must choose the most capable one among them.

Before I start jotting down the steps, let’s know why local search optimisation is valuable for a business. A look at the following statistics will reflect the reasons.

  • Do you know local searches contribute to higher purchases compared to national searches?
  • At least four out of five customers resort to search engines for seeking regional information.
  • More than 50 percent of customers walk in to a store within a day after performing local searches on mobile devices.

Following are the steps that will enhance your local search rankings. If your SEO skills are bang on, you can carry out the tasks with perfection. If not, you can easily take help of any efficient SEO services India to fulfil them flawlessly.

Local Search Ranking Factors under On-page SEO

Bid for the Most Effective Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is of immense significance since it is only by keywords a user performs search. You must pick up those keywords that are popular (good search volume) but low on competition. Your chosen keywords must feature your location or the area where your business is based. Between long-tail and short-tail keywords, it is ideal to go for the former option as LSI or long-tail keywords are more search-engine friendly. LSI keywords help to pull maximum website traffic.

Write a Catchy Meta Description

Before visiting a website, a user goes through the Meta description in the search results. This short description offers a fair idea about a business and their offerings. On the basis of Meta description, a user most often decides to visit a website. So, you have to make the description striking enough to raise the curiosity of the user to visit the website. Do not forget to include your target keyword and location in the Meta description. Keep the description within 150 characters and make sure that the Meta Title does not exceed 70 characters.

Emphasise on Heading tags 

Heading tags or header tags are vital in terms of the fact that they help to distinguish the title of a web page from another. Keep in mind that the h1tag is the most important while the h6 tag is of least significance. Although you should pay equal amount of effort to optimise all the heading tags, it is worth mentioning that keywords present in the h1 tag are regularly tracked by Google.

Ensure Well-optimised Website Content

What’s a website without quality content? Furthermore, what’s a website without properly optimised content? If your website content is not optimised well and often, it will be tough to rank your site higher on Google and on any other search engine. If your business is spread across multiple locations, it is helpful to build a landing page for every location. Apart from ensuring that the landing pages are well-designed, see to it that each of them features useful content. The following are the things you must include in the landing pages to ensure a good user experience.

  • Name, address and contact number of the shop/office
  • Opening and closing hours of your shop/office
  • Offers, promotions and discounts
  • Client testimonials
  • Links to third party review websites

I will suggest inserting the Google Maps feature in your website so that visitors can make out where your business is located.

A Few Other Important Local Search Ranking Factors

Local listings and Third Party Review Sites 

One of the most successful methods to increase visibility of your website is to make the site active on local listings and reputable on third party review sites. The name of your company with all the contact details must be there in the local listings. On the other hand, work hard to gain good reviews of your business on third party sites.
Obtain a listing on the search engine giant, Google. Use the Google My Business service and register your business listing easily in Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus.
Now, you are not done yet. Just because you have got your business listed in Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus, it does not mean you should overlook the local directories and review websites. A powerful mention in local directories and review sites offers you a citation which is the most crucial factor Google uses in the algorithm when it comes to local search rankings. So, do not delay in getting the citation.
Social Media Platforms – You can no more steer clear of the far-reaching impact of social networking sites. When you are into business and looking for improving your local search rankings, you should utilise the social media platforms. Create business profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare and include your business contact details and put a good description of your company. Make sure to be active in these profiles. Log in to each of these accounts regularly and keep the customers updated about your new offerings, discounts and any trade shows and exhibitions you are participating in.
So, now you know what you need to do to see your business at the top spot on the local search rankings list. Then, buck up and get started. If you face any confusion in performing the above-mentioned steps, consult any of the competent SEO services India to clear confusion and obtain expert inputs. Be confident and hope for the best!

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