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5 Essential Tools Required for On Page SEO

on page SEO service would be a blunder on your part. Even if you are very much active with your off page promotions and you very confidently handle your off page activities, you will still need on page SEO.

Here is a list of five essential on page SEO tools that will help you optimize your website and make it search engine friendly. Even if you hire an on page SEO service provider, they will use these or similar tools to optimize your website.

Google AdWords Keywords Tool:

This is one of the essential tools which is a must when it comes to on page optimization. Whether you are going for organic SEO, just onpage optimization service or PPC, you have to do keyword research. Google’s Keyword Research Tool helps you explore relevant keywords, search volume based on different geographic areas etc. You can download your findings for further use also. This tool is free to use.


Duplicate content is the worst factor for a website; if you have site wide duplicate content or the writers have copied the text from its original source, then those pages may damage your website’s reputation. Copyscape allows you to find whether your website has duplicate content or whether any other website has stolen your copyrighted content. This has a free and a paid version.

Keyword Density Checker:

Keyword density is a crucial thing; it really matters how many times you use a keyword in page content. Search engines try to
understand the topic of a web page by evaluating the words it contains. If you do not use a keyword optimally the page might not look relevant to the search engines; and overdoing might fetch penalty. With a keyword density checker tool you can find out how many times a keyword appears in the page content – what is the density of each keywords etc. so that you can optimize the page as per expert’s recommendations.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics has lots of features; but it helps you come up with good content for your website. By checking top exit points, top entry points, bounce rates etc. you can sketch your on page optimization strategy and come up with a plan that helps you improve the weak points of your website and optimize them to lock the users and increase conversion rates finally.

Code to Text Ratio Checker:

Code to content ration is another vital factor that should be taken care of. Most on page optimization service providers ignore this – but this is an essential part of on page SEO. If a web page contains more code and less text, search engines find it difficult to understand the topic of the page and might not find it to be useful for their users.


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